Working while Pregnancy – How To Handle It?

Pregnancy is something that requires your full attention and care, but you already have a job that requires the same! Many of you may find this very relatable with your current situations. While it is not always an issue in the early days when you have just started to witness the early symptoms of pregnancy, but the same cannot be said for the later trimesters. Many pregnant women dread the idea of working during pregnancy while others despair over just how they will manage everything together. Put a rest to your worries because we have some excellent tips and suggestions for you to follow when pregnant and working full time.

  1. Talk to your boss

    The first step is to get to know all about your maternity rights at the workplace and what kind of policies relating to that are in place at your office. Talk to your boss about it privately before announcing it to others in the office. Schedule an appointment and let them know your due date as well. Since it is a professional environment and situation, give only those details that are required and nothing extra or too personal. Assure your boss that it won’t affect your productivity and you are capable of doing your work just fine. Some changes to the routine may occur but it won’t mean that your work will suffer too much. After this, you can talk to the HR and later announce it to others at the office.
  2. Learn to manage your symptoms

    Although it might have been the early signs that indicated towards pregnancy in the first place, to continue working during pregnancy, you need to curb the more distressing symptoms during the day. Morning sickness, persistent fatigue, body aches and cramps; all of these and more can be reduced with eating the right foods, taking approved medicines and resting when you get the time. Try not to stay on your feet for too long, sit on cushioned seats, do not bend down too much and try to relax your back as much as possible. Taking these precautions will go a long way to easing life for pregnant women at work.
    A woman getting checked by the doctor when pregnant and working full time
  3. Plan your doctor’s appointment around workdays

    No matter how important your work is, you should not skip your doctor’s appointment in your pregnancy. You and your baby’s health should be a priority that needs to be considered when scheduling appointments. Make sure to pre-plan so that neither your health nor your work is compromised. Take the help of calendars and planners to organise everything in a manner that fits you best. Work, doctors appointments, rest, family time etc all can be done if you assign specific time and days for each activity beforehand.
  4. Reduce work-related stress

    While you may have read or heard of other pregnant women at work about their own experiences, it does not always translate the same for your own situation. It can be difficult, tiring and extremely stressful for many of you. Make sure to share your burden, both personal and professional, with loved ones and people who you trust. You can also destress by doing prenatal yoga, exercises and getting proper sleep when required. There are many other ways to let go of your stress that you can utilise as well, but the essence here is to not let anything affect your mental and physical well being when pregnant and working full time.
  5. Keep your energy levels up

    Work can drain our energies on a normal day, so it is no surprise that this phenomenon is intensified during pregnancy. Pregnant women at work can get tired easily, often needing breaks and boosts of energy to finish the day. There is no need to feel guilty or frustrated because of this, it is only natural. Take brief walks to get your blood circulation going and avoid cramping in legs. Also, have snacks with you that you can munch on from time to time throughout the day. Use these and other pregnancy hacks to get yourself refreshed. It will give you a respite from work and you can get the energy to dive back in after the short breaks.
    A woman working during pregnancy to finish up her work before taking leave
  6. Leave no loose ends before maternity leave

    It is best to plan and decide the dates of your maternity leave in advance with your boss and the HR. That way, there is no room for error or confusion as to when you leave work. And if you have a specific timeline to finish your work, it is less likely that you will leave anything unfinished or have loose ends in your work. Making lists and checking the tasks that you have to finish on a regular basis helps with that. However, make sure that you are not also overexerting in order to finish all the work in a short amount of time. Ask for help when needed and talk to your co-workers about the division of responsibilities in your absence from office.
  7. Discuss the working conditions for your return

    Pregnant women at work these days do not want to permanently leave their jobs after delivering their baby. Instead, a lot of them consider coming back to work with slightly flexible work schedules. Ask HR or your boss about the availability of a change in your working hours and timings. Also, try to work out an arrangement that allows you to be close to your newborn, whether there are creches available near you, and if it is possible to work from home without suffering financially for it. In the unfortunate case of not being able to come back to work full time, have some other plans in place like freelancing, starting your own enterprise or part-time gigs.
A woman working during pregnancy from her home

Whether you are working while pregnant first trimester or in your later months, there are things you are going to struggle with. But if you have decided that you want to push forward through them, you will find that you can do it and are a very capable individual. The stereotype that pregnant women can’t do any work is fading fast and more and more working women are breaking that mould. You can leave a job in the more difficult times of pregnancy or you can keep your job until the end of the third trimester, it is up to your comfort. You can do everything on your own terms and that will be good!

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