What safety measures should pregnant women take during Diwali?

Diwali is just around the corner and this festive season brings in a lot of happiness and celebrations. Diwali during pregnancy can be a bit problematic as the harmful effects of Diwali crackers might affect your baby’s health. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the festival of lights! We have discussed here some of the Diwali safety tips in pregnancy that you can follow to celebrate in a healthy and safe way. Let’s discuss tips for pregnant women during Diwali in the next section:

1. Cleaning and redecoration:

So, the first thing that a lot of us do during Diwali is the cleaning and redecoration of our house. Most Indian women wish to clean their house on their own as they find it to be a good omen. But, since you are to-be-mum now, there are some tedious works that you need to stay away from. Here are some of the tips for pregnant women during Diwali that you should keep in mind before beginning with these tasks. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Diwali safety tips in pregnancy
  1. Pregnancy can affect your balance as your baby bump is constantly growing and shifting your centre of gravity. With the added weight, standing for too long will also become difficult. Along with these, your ligaments loosen as your body prepares for childbirth which makes you more prone to falling and injuries.
  2. For the same reason, stay away from works which require any kind of lifting, carrying or moving heavy loads. This can cause severe injuries in your back or lower part of your body.
  3. Be very cautious while using any chemical cleaning products and make sure that you wear a mask before using them. 
  4. Painting or furniture polish can expose you to harmful chemicals and affect your child’s health. Stay away from the house if your home is being painted. And if staying somewhere else is not possible, make sure you wear a mask.
  5. Your body is nurturing another human and going through serious of transitions, so do not push your limits. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a maid or a family member who can make the work easier for you.

These were some of the tips for pregnant women during Diwali that you need to keep in mind. Make sure you follow them and stay safe during the cleaning and decoration of your house. 

2. Preparing for Diwali during pregnancy:

The preparations for Diwali during pregnancy can be very hectic. From meeting your family members to distributing gifts, you have lots of work to do. The important point to note here is, not to overdo anything. Here are a few tips to help you:

Be it shopping or decorating your home, scale down all the activities according to what you can safely handle.

  1. Make sure to eat well and drink enough fluids during all the running around in the house. Have a healthy snack every few hours. This will not only keep you active but will also help in regenerating your energy. If possible take out some time in the daytime for a nap too.
  2. Travelling can get difficult around Diwali. Be it commuting to work or travelling to visit your relatives. If you are a working mum-to-be, talk to your employer about it. You might get a maternal leave or maybe start working from home itself.
  3. Also, do not plan your shopping in the peak-hours as it will allow you to move around the markets easily. Try shopping in the morning hours, the crowds are less and who knows, maybe you’ll get a better deal.
Pregnant women going for Diwali shopping

3. Celebrate a safe Diwali:

Apart from keeping some precautions, there is not too much to worry about while celebrating your day. Be it puja, feast or fireworks, you can join in the fun, and enjoy the festival. Here are some Diwali safety tips in pregnancy to keep in mind: 

  1. Your pregnancy fashion during Diwali should consist of a comfortable dress and supportive footwear. Also, try to wear cotton clothes as synthetic dresses can easily catch fire. 
  2. Try to keep your distance from Diwali crackers during pregnancy. Watch any fireworks from the window or from the roof. Do not light crackers that need you to run away from because you might hurt yourself or your child. The general suggestion is for you to stay away from any kind of Diwali crackers during pregnancy.
  3. When taking blessings from elders, make sure you do not bend too much as it can cause cramps or backaches. Ask your husband or a family member to provide you with support when you touch elder’s feet.

4. Eating Habits:

Any celebration is incomplete without great food and sweets, Diwali is no exception to this. But, try to keep your cravings under control and have these tips in mind to make healthier food choices:

  1. Try to eat small portions at a time because Diwali food is usually fried and oily, sitting heavy in your stomach later on.
  2. Avoid foods that are spicy and deep-fried as they can cause heartburn and indigestion. 
  3. When eating chaat or stall food, be careful about food hygiene. You will catch infections much faster as your immune is slightly weaker in pregnancy. 
Diwali sweets and foods

Keep all these precautions in mind so that you can have a safe and happy Diwali. Ensure your child’s wellness and you can make the most out of this festive season. 

FAQs related to Diwali during pregnancy

Q1. Is it safe to eat sweets if I have gestational diabetes?

Ans. If you have gestational diabetes, try to avoid sweets as much as possible in the festive season as it can raise blood sugar levels. Speak to your doctor about it and also avoid the foods that the doctor recommends not to eat.

Q2. Can crackers affect the baby’s hearing?

Ans. Yes, Studies have found that the child gets affected by the nearby sounds. If the mother listens to music, the child’s brain releases happiness hormones. Similarly, there are chances that the bay might get scared of the crackers and all the sound of loud music. We recommend you to stay away from crackers as they can have an adverse effect on your child.

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