5 Summer Pregnancy Hacks

Summer continues to be very hot and it gets more and more unbearable for all of us as the days pass, more so for you when you are pregnant. Working around gets quite difficult when your baby is still inside your womb. Your body may be a lot more sweaty than before and the heat usually makes pregnancy very uncomfortable. When nature does not answer your prayers, you can do a lot to beat the heat on your own.

1. Cool showers to your rescue

Nothing beats summer heat more than a relaxing shower with cool water. Overheating of your body and especially your tummy during pregnancy is problematic, showers cool your body down substantially. You can also extend this cooling session to cool baths and a trip to the swimming pool. Not only does it leave you feeling clean and refreshed, but it is also a time for relaxing your mind.

2. Reduce the swelling on your feet

Summer often brings with it swollen feet and rashes on your skin due to the excess heat. Keeping your feet in an elevated position is an easy way to relax your muscles and keep your limbs cooler when you feel the burn of summer heat. Cool tap water or sponge baths for the affected areas also help in reducing swellings. This technique also has the added benefit of soothing heat rashes on your skin.

3. Keep your surroundings cool

Ensure that your room has shade and is cool. It is far easier to relax in a pleasant and comfy environment. Give your home a natural and earthy feel by using wooden or bamboo chicks on windows to keep the sun out. You can spray water on them sometimes, and the room magically cools down.

Another way to beat the heat is by doing your physical workout when the sun is down and in an environment that is cool enough. Having a light and cheerful workout saves you from unnecessary stress.

4. Must-haves for every day

Try to avoid going out in the hot afternoons. And if it cannot be avoided, then be prepared with a water bottle and an umbrella. In particular, don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you go out. After all, you need to look your best during pregnancy.

Other must haves include water, fruit juices and other healthy fluids to keep you well hydrated. Any spell of dehydration and heat strokes need to be avoided during pregnancy. Instead of carbonated beverages, opt for drinks like coconut water, buttermilk, Aampanna, lemonade, fresh juices, badam milk, sharbats etc. If it is too hot, you can also try frozen cubes of juices. Needless, to say pay proper attention to the foods you eat.

5. Have a specific summer wardrobe

You usually shop for pregnancy clothes as you keep growing out of your older ones. Here, choose light coloured cotton, Khadi and linen clothing that lets your body breath, instead of synthetic that does not allow air to pass through. Maternity fashion usually gives you a lot of room to breathe and is more comfortable. Choose the clothes that do not stick to the skin and are loose enough to not feel suffocating when the temperature rises too much. This way, you remain cool and comfortable in the summers.

Too much heat can easily take a toll on not only your body but also your mind. The first step towards a calm body and mind during pregnancy is to indulge in enough sleep. Stay peaceful through meditation or with the help of some soft music.
Summer can be difficult for everyone and when you are pregnant, there are the times when you need to be more cautious. But it is easier to tackle when you know the tricks of the trade to overcome it. So follow them and keep your cool to enjoy a chilled out pregnancy!

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