What Happens In Third Trimester?

You have finally entered the last trimester of pregnancy! With each week of pregnancy bringing you closer to eventually holding your baby, the third trimester of pregnancy is a time for both anticipation and nervousness. Your baby bump is getting even bigger and there are still more pregnancy changes that you can experience happening. While your due date might be coming near, this journey is far from over.

To be able to understand and embrace everything that happens in these three months, you first need to know exactly what happens in third trimester of pregnancy. You might already be looking up all the third trimester symptoms and what to expect in third trimester of pregnancy. You will find these answers below and get ready to cope with all the coming changes during third trimester of pregnancy.

What changes in you?

  • Women start to feel persistent abdominal aches as their muscles stretch to accommodate the growing baby. You bump is getting larger by each week of pregnancy and your round muscles are the ones responsible to support the added weight gain in third trimester. As the pregnancy progresses, these muscles start straining and aching with the added fetal movement in the third trimester.
  • You will also start to experience a phenomenon called the Braxton Hicks Syndrome as you move into the last trimester of pregnancy. These are a type of practice or mock contractions that prepare your body for labour in the time before the actual ones start. Braxton Hicks is your body’s own way to make you ready and alert for a normal delivery situation.Normal delivery situation
  • You may notice the developing bulging veins that are bluish in color in the lower half of your body. These are called Varicose veins that occur due to the extra blood that your heart is pumping in order to nourish your child. Along with these spidery veins, you can have swelling and aches in your feet as well.
  • Another one of the changes during third trimester of pregnancy is the loss of control over your bladder. The weight gain in third trimester along with your baby’s body adds pressure on your bladder. It is often noticed that mothers in the last trimester of pregnancy pee frequently and can even accidentally pee due to sneezing too forcefully.
  • If you are having vivid, realistic and even slightly crazy dreams, don’t worry! This is caused by the pregnancy hormones and strange moods that come with them. These dreams are neither a cause for concern or any fear, just something that normally happens as your due date approaches.
  • Another skin change in pregnancy that you might notice is the prominent stretch marks over your belly, breasts and even your hips. These are a common answer to what to expect in third trimester of pregnancy. Every woman usually gets stretch marks on one or the other part of their body during this time. These are temporary and can be reduced with the help of some easy home remedies and easy pregnancy hacks.Easy pregnancy hacks
  • Other than the above-mentioned third trimester symptoms, there are others like the steadily increasing fatigue, sensitive and leaking breasts and frequently occurring heartburns. These may not be very pleasant to go through, but in the end, every mother looks back fondly on this time when their kids are already growing up. 

What happens to your baby?

While the baby development by weeks in the third trimester is a detailed and complex process, here is an overview of the main changes and about what happens in third trimester of pregnancy.

  • Your baby’s bones are developing nicely in the first two months of the last trimester of pregnancy. They will get their nutrition, especially the much needed calcium supply from your own pregnancy diet. So, make sure you are eating right.
  • You may not have realised that the increased fetal movement in third trimester is also an indicator of your baby’s rapidly developing brain. In fact, their brain is testing skills like movement, blinking, dreaming and maintaining body temperature at this point.
  • With the improving and developing digesting system, your baby will start peeing more into the amniotic fluid around them. Similarly, they will also have their poop accumulating inside the intestine as they get their nourishment from the placenta. 
  • Your little one is no longer a transparent looking alien, but he or she has developed opaque skin by the time you reach 32 weeks of pregnancy. Their hair and nails are also developing in this last stage of pregnancy before your baby comes out into the world. Their body is also accumulating fat to have some mass and becoming sturdier than before.Developing in this last stage of pregnancy
  • Changes during third trimester of pregnancy also include the development and eventual functioning of all the five senses by the time you are in the middle of this trimester. You can recognise their periods of rest and wakefulness and already start thinking of a sleep schedule. It will also be helpful to listen to music in pregnancy at this point in time when your discomfort and anxiousness is at peak.

How do you ease into it?

  • Mothers are often concerned about their weight gain in pregnancy, especially in the third trimester when it is the most visible on your body. Prenatal exercises and balanced diets are helpful in keeping your weight in check along with the various ways in which you can lose weight while breastfeeding later on.
  • Many doctors and midwives also advise you about the importance of keeping track of the fetal movement during third trimester of pregnancy. While the idea of less movement may seem relaxing for your own body, it is not actually a good thing. Any change of lethargy in baby movements can be an indicator of problems or even a miscarriage.
  • Another important step here is to educate yourself about what will happen during labour and later how can you begin to breastfeed. It is important to know all the safe practices and take them into consideration at the earliest.
  • As the time for your delivery nears, make sure that you are ready for everything beforehand so that you will not panic too much at the time of birth. Make sure that all your checklists are fulfilled and your baby care kit would be ready when needed later on.

Although the third-trimester symptoms sometimes make it very difficult for you to be very active, it is you who dictates how this time goes for you. Dress in the best maternity trends that you like, flaunt your bump and make the most of this time. You are almost at the end of your pregnancy and just a little more time will bring you one of the greatest joys of life. So cheer up and keep moving forward!

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