What Happens In The Second Trimester?

The second trimester of pregnancy adds many new experiences to the already long list of new things that happen in the first trimester. As your baby grows every day, the size of your stomach also changes gradually. Some of the problems that you faced in the early pregnancy will fade while this trimester brings along its own set of challenges. Here is what you can expect from the second trimester:

What changes in you?

  • Women are also known to develop stretch marks on stomach, thighs, hips or even on breasts. Although easily preventable and reduced, this is also a normal occurrence during pregnancy that becomes more pronounced with the start of the second trimester.
  • Since your body weight and posture changes, you may witness some swelling in ankles and hands as well.
  • You provide the bloodstream to your unborn child, thus this extra circulation is bound to make your blood pressure rise up. Combined with lack of sleep and tiredness often causes pregnant women to feel lightheaded or dizzy.
  • You can expect some changes in your skin too due to the hormonal changes in your body. Whether it becomes too oily, sensitive, dry or even seems to glow healthily, it all depends on how your body is adjusting to pregnancy.

What is happening to your baby?

  • After the initial phase of pregnancy passes, the second trimester is the time where you can feel the changes in your baby’s growth better than before. Almost all the organs of your baby develop during this time.
  • Bodily functions like hearing, opening eyes and swallowing become active in this phase as well. You may start talking to your baby at this point because even though they won’t understand you, they will become familiar with your voice.
  • The physical characteristics of your baby start to become apparent now. You will be able to see some hair on his/her head. Their body structure, nails, skin and hair are all indicators of the rapid development nurtured by your womb.
  • You will be able to feel your baby’s first kick in the later part of this trimester. As their limbs start to move when they are awake, you will need to adjust your sleeping schedule around your baby’s.

How do you ease into it?

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  • One universal message for the moms out there is to take breaks, rest when you can and get any timely medical attention that you require for yourself or your baby.
  • If you are already doing prenatal exercises, it is advised that you continue them as they will help you to tackle posture related problems and at the time of delivery.
  • Make dental hygiene a priority too. You are easily susceptible to dental diseases due to your hormone changes, which may cause issues for your baby and may even lead to premature birth.
  • Although items from your everyday diet are not harmful, it is still a good idea to check with your doctor for any foods that you should avoid. Raw or smoked seafood, unpasteurized milk and raw sprouts, for example, should definitely be avoided.
  • Keep up a healthy intake of calories that can support you and your baby along with required fibre and low-fat proteins in your daily diet. This way both of you are healthy with no other related problems like indigestion, excessive fat or any deficiencies.

Staying strong and healthy throughout your pregnancy will have a positive effect on your baby. Cherish this time, start to build a bond with your baby while taking care of yourself too. As intense and crucial as this second trimester is, you will only be able to look back fondly on it when your little one will finally open his/her eyes to the outside world.


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      So it is better to avoid eating such a thing. If you are used to eating it, then you may try cardamom or saunf for chewing and as a mouth freshener. It will improve your digestion too and help with nausea. Hope it helps you!

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