What Foods To Avoid When Pregnant

The most sensitive, important and crucial part of any woman’s life is when she is pregnant. A healthy diet full of nutrients is a must to give birth to a healthy baby.

All the moms to be, should pay close attention to their dietary habits, in order to avoid small risks and ensure the safety for their little ones and self as well.

The question, what not to eat during pregnancy? Arise in the mind of every pregnant woman to avoid the risk of being ill. There are certain unhealthy foods to avoid while you are pregnant for healthy development of the baby. Eating some foods increase the risk and can harm your body during pregnancy.  Avoiding certain foods can help you prevent from harmful bacteria like salmonella and listeria, that can lead to illness or even miscarriages.

Fruits are considered as a rich source of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and so on and are counted in giving various health benefits. But in the case of pregnant women, every mom to be must be aware of the certain fruits to avoid during pregnancy, as some have even been known to affect the fetus.  

While you must be wondering what foods to avoid when pregnant or from where you can get the list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy.

Here are 6 foods to avoid during pregnancy:

1. Raw/Uncooked Meat

Raw/Uncooked Meat

Pregnant women should avoid undercooked or raw meat, to avoid the risk of contamination. As the outer surface of the raw meat contains certain bacteria, which increases the risk of infection and leads to food poisoning. While other harmful bacteria such as E. coli, trichinella, and salmonella or toxoplasmosis can threaten the baby’s health. Pregnant women should not consume raw, undercooked or processed meat products while keeping baby’s safety in mind.

2. High-Mercury Fish

High-Mercury Fish

Fish is considered to give essential nutrients for the proper development of a baby as it is rich in protein and also consist of essential omega-3 fatty acids.  But you should choose fish with low levels of mercury as mercury is a highly toxic element. High-Mercury fish is considered amongst the topmost foods to avoid while pregnant as it may cause serious problems in the child’s development.

3. Raw eggs

Raw eggs

When the question is what not to eat during pregnancy, one must avoid eating raw eggs, as they can be contaminated with Salmonella, which leads to food poisoning and you may even experience other symptoms like diarrhea, severe vomiting, headache, abdominal pain, and high temperature, making your immune system weaker hence affecting child development.

Pregnant women should always cook eggs thoroughly to avoid salmonella infection or use a pasteurized egg.

4. Unpasteurized milk and dairy products

Unpasteurized milk and dairy products

 When we discuss about foods to avoid during pregnancy, Unpasteurized milk and dairy products are counted in the listed as well, as they  have no nutritional advantage. During pregnancy raw milk has the possibility of food borne diseases and is considered unsafe for mothers to be.

Unpasteurized milk contains harmful bacteria such as salmonella, listeria, E.coli, and cryptosporidium that can be dangerous to you and your baby. Pregnant women are advised to consume pasteurized milk and dairy products as unpasteurized milk and dairy items increase the risk of bacterial infections.

5. Alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine

Pregnant women should completely avoid the intake of alcohol and restrict the intake of caffeine for the healthy development of the baby. Alcohol increases the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth along with intellectual disability. Whereas excess intake of caffeine in pregnancy leads to miscarriage and low birth weight.

6. Raw sprouts

Raw sprouts

Sprouts are widely known for certain health benefits. But having sprouts in breakfast or adding it in salad to give that extra crunch is not a great idea though. Raw sprouts come under the category of “foods not to eat during pregnancy”. Yes, you read it right.

Raw sprouts consist of certain bacteria such as E. coli, listeria and salmonella which are unsafe for pregnant women as they may lead to many complications in childbirth or lead to severe illness.

Your body crave for the fruits when you are pregnant as it contains the right amount of nutrients but there are certain fruits that should be avoided during pregnancy.

Some fruits to avoid during pregnancy which are not a right match for mom to be are discussed here:

1. Papaya


Papaya is counted as the topmost fruit when we discuss about what fruits to avoid during pregnancy. Papaya is advised to be avoided during pregnancy when your baby is inside the womb as it may lead to miscarriage. Papaya intake may increase your body temperature, which is not good when you are pregnant. The unripe papaya is rich in latex which tends to lead early labour. Thus, it is best to have a normal delivery without any complications.

2. Pineapple

Pineapple ranks high on the list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy as it contains an enzyme called bromelain that may cause early labour pain or miscarriage if consumed in a higher quantity. One must avoid pineapple for safe delivery.

3. Grapes


Pregnant mothers must skip grapes as it is widely believed that it consists of compound resveratrol which can be toxic to pregnant mothers. This is why grapes are included in the list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy. Additionally, it can even lead to morning sickness and diarrhoea.

For every mother their baby comes first, For the healthy development of your little one, you must take proper care of self, with proper dietary habits. 

To experience a healthy and happy pregnancy, it is recommended to keep some foods off the list, once you get a positive test.

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