Twin Baby Tales

Are you expecting double the joys and troubles? If you are pregnant with twins, you can bet that life ahead is going to be one exciting ride. You might not get a minute to breathe calmly and yet enjoy that breathlessness that only comes with an abundance of adventure and happiness. This is the feeling that many mothers of twins experience after their kids are born. Some even say that having twins somehow feels more wonderful because twin babies are like a miracle.

No matter how similar they may look or the birthday they share, your twins essentially are two different human beings with different personalities and needs.

Yet, the little struggles that also accompany your twins into your life cannot be ignored. From being a simple young woman to becoming a mother of two children at once can be a difficult transition at times. Two new humans that are completely dependent on you, are a responsibility that is difficult to handle alone. So, involve your partner and other family members in taking care of the little ones.

Sync your sleep schedule with your twins for better rest.

No matter how similar they may look or the birthday they share, your twins essentially are two different human beings with different personalities and needs. It is important to acknowledge that and give them equal individual attention. But that does not mean that their daily schedule cannot be the same. Handling everyday life with your twin babies can be made easier if you keep up the same routine for both of them. Time for waking up, bathing, feeding, and sleeping should be kept relatively the same for easier management and to reduce your stress. This also provides your family with a bit of stability and makes your babies feel secure.

Physical touch and cuddling is a good way to build a bond between twins.

Babies usually cry when they feel discomfort, whether it is due to hunger, pain, irritation, need for attention, frustration or any other reasons. With twin babies, you need to focus on their individual crying habits to identify what they want. One twin might be hungry while the other wants to sleep, both crying for different reasons. This is the language your babies are communicating in and you will get the hang of it with some practice. Mothers ultimately understand what is best for their children, so don’t worry if you can’t get some things correct at the start. You will get there in your own time!

The growth of twin babies is individual to each of them, not the same for both.

While your journey of motherhood is growing, your twins are also growing together each day. Keep track of their health with the help of your doctor. The average weight of each twin at the time of birth is usually between 2.5 to 3 Kgs. Your twins development after birth is similar to that of any other normal baby. The main struggle you might fear is that breastfeeding can take a toll on you when there are two mouths to feed instead of one. The simple answer here is that breastfeeding works on the principle of demand and supply; your body produces the amount of breast milk that is demanded by your babies. With an adequate amount of breaks and rest, you can set up a breastfeeding routine that suits you well.

Perish all your doubts in the ability to do the best for your twins. Every mother brings up her children differently and there no given right or wrong way to do so. Motherhood is a rewarding experience, the fruits of which grow in front of your eyes every day. Being a mother of twins is doubly challenging, and subsequently doubly fruitful. So get ready for your own wonderful adventure with twin babies!

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