Top 50 Baby Names Starting With B

There are a lot of things that parents worry about when bringing a child into this world. When you welcome a little one in your family, you give them a name that they carry for their lifetime. It is, therefore, imperative that the name is given a lot of thought. Whether it is unique baby boy names or unique baby girl names that you are looking for, it is a very important decision. In your search for a meaningful and lovely name starting with the letter “B”, we are here to help you out. To further facilitate your search for unique baby boy names and unique baby girl names, there are separate lists mentioned below.

Best Indian Names For Girls

A little baby girl is the precious angel of your family who is loved and adored by everyone. Whether she goes on to be daddy’s princess or Mommy’s girl, she needs to have an equally lovely name that suits her. For when you deliver this little miracle, have a name ready for her from this list of top baby girl names.

1.BaaniThe Earth
2.BaharSpring, Blossoms
3.BahiraBrilliant, Dazzling, Noble
5.BatulA true devotee of Allah, Immaculate
6.BelaA flowering vine, the seashore
7.BeenaWise, Far-sighted, A musical instrument, Melodious
9.BhanuThe Sun, Fame
10.BhanviThe sun’s rays
11.BharatiAnother name for Goddess Saraswat, Speech
12.BhavikaCheerful, Expressive
14.BhavyaAnother name for Goddess Parvati, Grand
15.BhiniSoft, mild, Humid
16.BhoomiThe Earth
17.BhoomikaAnother name for the Earth
19.BindiyaPoint, Drop
20.BipashaRiver Beas, A river
21.BirwaBelief, faith
22BrahmiHoly, Sacred, A variety of plant
23BrijaSeed, Foundation
24.BrindaAnother name for Tulsi
25.BulbulSongbird, A nightingale

Best Indian Names For Boys

Becoming a mother is a wonderful experience that is both happy and overwhelming sometimes. When you bring a baby boy into your family, help him grow and take care of him; you need to start by giving him the best name you can find. He will have that identity and it is often believed that children grow into the characteristics of that name as well. So here is a list of top baby boy names to choose from.

1.BaahiMagnificent, Brilliant, Shining, Glorious
2.BaasirWise, Bringer of good news, Seeing
4.BalaadityaThe rising Sun
5.BalanYouthful, young
6.BaldevGod-like in power
7.BaheenGreat, noble, Elevated
9.BaneetPolite, cultured
10.BarindraThe ocean
11.BarunLord of the Sea or Sea god
13.BhagatA devotee
14.BhanuThe Sun, Fame
15.BharatUniversal Monarch, the brother of Lord Ram, India
16.BhaskarAnother name for the Sun
17.BhaveshAnother name for Lord Shiva, Lord of the world
18.BhavikA devotee of God
19.BhavinWinner, Victor, To exist
20.BhriguOne of the seven great sages (Saptarishi), One of the Prajapatis
21.BhuminSon of the soil, son of the Earth
23BhushanAn ornament
24.BikramBravery, Prowess, Valour
25.BrijPalace of Lord Krishna, Strength

Usually, the third trimester of pregnancy is the time by which you should have some naming options ready for your child. In between the doctor’s regular check-ups, eating healthy, doing your exercises, going to work in pregnancy and doing a million other things, expecting mothers often forget to think of unique baby boy names and unique baby girl names. Therefore, add this task in your third-trimester checklist so that you won’t forget or postpone it to the last minute. Together with your partner, finding the right name for your baby can be an exciting and fun thing to do as well! For more top baby boy names and top baby girl names starting with other letters, keep an eye on this space!

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