Top 50 Baby Names Starting With A

Naming your child is a big decision, he/ she will live with that identity every day. Parents want to find unique names, something that accurately represents their equally unique and precious child. In recent years, people have been known to look for many modern names that solve this purpose. If you are in search of lovely yet meaningful names starting with the letter “A” for your little one, we have got you covered. Given below are two separate lists of top baby boy names and top baby girl names along with their meanings.

Best Indian Names For Boys

Becoming parents to a little one is a joyful experience and naming your son is an overwhelmingly wonderful feeling. This is a human that you have nurtured inside you, brought into this world and he will go through life with the name you will give him. Understanding the importance of this moment, we have given you a list of unique baby boy names to choose from.

1.AadivDelicate, tender
2.AaditFirst, Pinnacle, The Sun
3.AadvayUnique, The only one
4.AahanNew dawn, morning glory.
5.AakritShape, Taking form
6.AaravA musical note, wisdom
7.AarushFirst ray of the winter sun, Bright, Shining
8.Aayush Duration of life, Lineage or descendant
9.Abhay Without any fears
10.AbhikBeloved, Fearless
11.AbhinayExpression, Acting 
12.AdritBeloved or loved dearly
13.AdvikUnique or one of a kind
14.AgastyaName of a Sage, The one who humbles even mountains
17.AkshajAnother name for Lord Vishnu, a diamond, a thunderbolt
18.AmayAnother name for Lord Ganesha
19.AnantInfinite or never-ending
20.Anay Another name for Lord Vishnu
21.ArnavOcean or the sea
22.ArhaanRuler or Emporer
23.Atharv Wise, learned, knowledgable
25.AzadFree or Independent
Best Indian Names for baby

Best Indian Names For Girls

Daughters are the pride and joy of their parents, the little princess of a family. In Indian culture, girls are often believed to be a blessing from the goddess, someone to be loved, protected and nurtured. For when your own little blessing arrives, we have a list of unique baby girl names to help you name her.

1.AadhyaFirst power
2.AahanaThe first rising of the sun, Inner Light, Born in the day
3.AaradhyaThe one who is worth worshipping or is worshipped
4.Aarohi A musical tune, Evolving, Progressive
5.AashmiFrom the sky, from heaven
6.AdahAdornment, ornament, decorated
7.AdhiraAnother name for the Moon, Lightening
8.AdvikaUnique, The World or Earth
9.AdwetaIdealistic, Inspirational
10AdyaAnother name for Goddess Durga, Perfect, Unparalleled
11.AjitaA winner, Unconquerable, Invincible
12.AliaExcellent, Tall, High social standing
13.AlishaNoble, Light
14.AmairaOne who will always be beautiful
15.Amaya Immeasurable, Limitless, Night rain
16.AmoliPrecious or treasured
17.AnayaGod’s favoured, One who has no superior
18.AnikaGrace, another name for Goddess Durga
19.AnishiBright and luminous
20.AnviAnother name for the goddess
21.AnyaGraceful, Elegant
22.AryaNoble Goddess
23.AvniThe Earth
25.AyeshaDaughter of Prophet

When you have so many popular top baby boy names and top baby girl names, it might take some time for you to choose. It is better to start finalizing some of the options by the third trimester. In fact, you might want to put that in your third-trimester checklist so that you don’t have to panic about it at the last minute. Choosing baby names is also a very exciting part of pregnancy that many couples enjoy. We hope that this list put together by The First Kick helps you in doing so. For top baby boy names and top baby girl names starting with other letters, keep following this space!

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