Tips To Handle Toddler With Newborn

Now that you are a mother of two, managing both the young ones at the same time can be a challenging task. Transitioning your family with another kid means double the amount of mess, needing too many tissues, harmonized cries in the middle of the night and yet enjoying every minute of it.

The joys of motherhood are increased with the responsibilities that come along with it when you welcome the second baby. Children may not understand everything that happens around them, but they know about important changes in the family that alter their routines. The arrival of a new baby into the family is one such change. Being sensitive and understanding to the needs of both your kids is important so that there is no case of neglect or sibling rivalries.

Children usually throw tantrums when you don’t give them full attention, and this happens a lot with the arrival of a new baby. Help your child in understanding the new family dynamics as a team, rather than letting them deal with it alone. Start by making them understand why there is another baby coming so that they don’t feel inadequate or replaced. For example, you can tell them “We don’t want you to feel alone so we are bringing a baby home who will love you and play with you.”
Another way to introduce the concept of brothers and sisters to you kid is through your own siblings. Your kid’s uncles and aunts are the prime examples to see for themselves.

Acknowledge and resolve kids’ issues
It is hard for kids to understand the consequences of their actions. Let your child express his/her feelings clearly, acknowledge them and resolve their issues. This way they won’t hurt themselves or the new baby out of frustration. Your kid will not want to share mummy-time, their toys, clothes and anything else that they deem as their own. When there is any jealousy or envy in their behaviour, resolve it playfully and with care. Being too serious with kids does not usually work, take a more fun approach towards correct behaviour for better results. For example, make games specific to the issues, create fun stories for them to understand the message from and you can do routine things in a fun way.

Kids are intelligent and learn family bonds through their parents.

Show them what being siblings means
Try to express your love equally to both of your kids. They won’t magically understand the meaning of being siblings. Make sure to give your children individual time and attention so they do not feel left out and ignored. Tell them in simple and positive terms, what it means to be a big brother or big sister. Emphasize how nice, fun and important role it is in their life. Your kid will have someone to play their favourite games with, to talk about cartoons, to share the toys with, to adore and be adored by.

Let your partner help you with baby duties
Your family unit needs the participation of all its members, so involve your spouse more in daily routines. When your attention is required at two places at a time, delegate tasks to dad that he usually does not do. Teamwork is the best way to move forward!

Equal involvement of both parents in the upbringing of children eases the stress.

Tell your child to handle the baby gently
Make sure to teach your kid that a baby is fragile and is to be handled with care. Sometimes he/she can hurt the baby while playing, teach them to touch the baby gently. Show them their own baby pictures so that they can see how they were also small, fragile and very similar to their new sibling. While doing so, also reassure them that they received the same love and care then as the new baby is getting now.

A mother teaches her children the correct behaviour around each other.

Bond with your children and let them get used to each other. It may take some time but your child will soon learn the joys of having a sibling, a partner in crime to share everything with. It is a precious time of your lives, so grasp every happy moment, let yourself be silly with your kids and create a loving home for them.

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