Third Trimester Checklist

Now that you are in the last trimester of pregnancy and only some time away from finally meeting your little one, you need to be fully prepared for everything that is going to come. There are a lot of exciting things happening around you and you will not be able to give them a lot of attention after your baby is born. It is better to do everything in your third-trimester to-do list now when you have the time and not leave to later when you will be busy in taking care of the baby as a new mom

The first two trimesters of your pregnancy have flown by and in the third trimester, the steady baby development in weeks 28-40 will keep you on your toes. Despite the delivery date fast approaching, you will have the time for things to do in the third trimester because of your reduced mobility. But what are the things you should include in your third-trimester checklist? There are a lot of things that you need to do and some that you should do, here is a section-wise list that we have curated for you to make things easier:

Things For Birth

  1. Prepare for labor

    The thought of actually giving birth can sometimes be scary, and if it is your first pregnancy, even more so. There are so many unknown factors involved and you don’t really know how the theoretical information will help you in the physical process of it. Get to know more about labor and how to deal with labor pain. You can even start with some prenatal exercises and yoga that can help you prepare for a natural birth.
  2. Know the signs of labor

    It is best to prepare for labor in the third trimester so that you can start recognising the early signs of labor. You can get to know more about natural ways to deal with labor pains and what exactly happens in the process. It is an essential part of the 3rd-trimester checklist to do. If you are prepared for labor beforehand, it will not only ease your nerves but will also help at the time of actual birth.
    A nurse feeling for signs of labor and contractions
  3. Have a complete birth plan

    If you have not already made one, making your birth plan is one of the important things to do in the third trimester. When you reach the time around baby development in 40 weeks, your baby could anytime and you need to be ready for it. Make sure you include everything like your preference of doctor, medication and everything else that would be needed during the time of delivery.
  4. Look into preserving placenta stem cells

    The placenta and blood from your baby’s birth are filled with stem cells which can potentially be used to save a life in the future. Not a lot of people think of putting this into a third-trimester checklist, but choosing to preserve them might help your child any younger sibling in the future. Talk to your doctor about this and find out the hospitals that provide such services.
  5. Prepare a hospital bag

    Labor pain, the whole delivery process and recovery can span across a few hours to days. It is better to have a bag ready with all the things that you might require in the hospital, including a change of clothes, baby clothes, toiletries, chargers, snacks etc.

Things For Baby

  1. Select or narrow down baby names

    Many mothers and their partners are very excited about baby names and have the names already selected by the time their baby arrives. Other parents wait until the baby is born to choose a name that seems right for the little one. Whether you are in the first category or the second, it is good to have your options narrowed down before birth. It is important to put effort into this, after all, your baby will carry that name for life. 
  2. Baby proof your house

    A newborn baby has lower immunity than any other person and needs a safe environment around him or her. Another essential point from the third-trimester to-do list is cleaning your home and then baby proofing it. As your baby will grow, their movements won’t be restricted to just the bed or a single room. So make sure that your house is safe for their explorations
  3. Know about Paediatricians near you

    Now that you will have a child in your family, you will need to know more about child doctors as well. It can be a bit scary to deal with any sickness in babies, especially when they are so vulnerable and precious to you. Having access to the paediatrician of your choice really helps with vaccinations and other check-ups too.A paediatrician administering vaccines to a baby
  4. Be ready to breastfeed

    Doctors suggest you should start breastfeeding as soon as possible after birth and the first that your baby consumes should be colostrum. So be ready to begin breastfeeding and knowing how it works. Add breastfeeding blogs and consulting lactation experts or gynaecologists to your third-trimester to-do list.
  5. Make a baby care kit

    You will realise soon after birth that your baby needs a lot of things including products specially developed with keeping them in mind. You can start your baby care kit that would contain all these things that care of a newborn requires. It can even have things that you need, like nipple cream, breast pumps, nursing pads etc. having this bag handy all the time will really be helpful.

Things For You

  1. Plan your recovery

    In all the preparation and anticipation of the little one coming into your life, do not forget to take care of yourself too. Your 3rd-trimester checklist should not be limited to just delivery, it should also include a recovery plan for you. And if you have a c-section, your recovery time after that will be relatively difficult and take longer. 
  2. Get you maternity leave sorted

    Working women often continue to go to the office for as long as their pregnancy allows. Another one of the things to do in third trimester for these women is to discuss and sort out their maternity leaves with the HR and boss at work.  A woman working from home after baby birth
  3. Focus on the changing dynamic of relationships

    A baby in the family will change the dynamics of how your family works. Not only this is a crucial time for you, but it is also the same for your partner. You will go from being partners to being parents too, make sure that this additional responsibility does not affect your relationship negatively. 
  4. Unwind and sleep

    Sleep is already becoming an issue for you with your belly growing even bigger in the third trimester and it will only become worse after your baby is born. A newborn is constantly in need of your attention and proper rest would be hard to come by then. Therefore, proper rest and sleep are a must for your third-trimester to-do list. Rest may not always involve sleep, it can also mean listening to music, reading books, watching your favourite shows or doing anything that makes you relax. 

There are a lot of things that you might want to do that are not listed in this third-trimester checklist. Make your own checklist and put down things that you feel are necessary to put there. It could be learning to knit, baking, doing craft projects or just about anything. Before your baby arrives, do both the things you need to prepare and the things you want to do.

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