The Unexpected Pregnancy Cravings

It is expected of most women to experience food cravings at some point or another during their pregnancy.

In fact, about half the pregnant women everywhere crave some specific cuisine or unusual food item during pregnancy. While some women report craving spicy or fatty foods, the most popular cravings are still salty and sweet foods. But why do these cravings happen? These may be due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Many women crave certain foods or feel changes to certain food taste and smell in pregnancy. These changes are very normal and last for a short period.

Here are simple tips for these cravings:

Say no to artificial sweeteners
Artificial sweeteners can worsen an array of cravings and many diet foods are filled with them. Look for organically made food items if you really must have them.

Drink healthy green tea

Green tea has relaxing effects along with reducing cravings

Green tea is one food that can help reduce cravings. Green tea is said to have the highest concentration of powerful antioxidants, made from unfermented tea leaves.

Natural spices are the way to go
Pregnant women often crave different spices in their food or even spicy food; however, it is better to consume natural spices in your meals to prevent gastric problems.

Avoid processed foods
Cook real food and avoid processed food that provides very little nutrition. The most simple way to eat healthily involves fresh home-cooked food.

Try Vitamin B supplements

Pregnant women often need vitamin and nutrient supplements

The B-complex vitamins are naturally found in leafy green vegetables, fruits, milk, organ meats, nuts, rice, eggs, fish and whole-grain cereals. For better stamina and to curb food cravings, you should consider taking B-vitamin complex supplements too. These vitamins are essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates into simple sugar glucose that gives you energy.

Add soy milk to your diet
The calcium in soy milk will help reduce general dairy cravings like ice creams. It also helps with healthy teeth, nail and bones. Soy milk is a positive addition to your oatmeal or breakfast every day.

Avoid consuming energy boosters
Caffeine can be necessary at times, often known for “restoring” energy our bodies. But during pregnancy, caffeine can cause some serious food cravings especially if your blood sugar levels are unstable. Instead, try herbal teas and also make a habit to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids like water, coconut water, lassi etc.

These are some of the many natural ways to reduce food cravings during pregnancy. Remember, your cravings in this time are not a serious issue if they do not cause any imbalance in your general diet. Ensure that you choose healthy food instead of junk food when you have strong cravings. Do not miss breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day, and helps keep your food cravings at bay.
As your pregnancy progresses, the food cravings will get better. If the craving does not go away; don’t worry, just watch what you indulge in, and eat as healthily as possible.

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