Psychiatric Disorders In Baby Due To Infection In Pregnancy- Know More

It is an obvious fact that a mother’s health in some way or form does affect her baby’s health. As your body nourishes and nurtures a little life, the question of just how far does this influence go occurs to us. You will be surprised to find out that getting infections during pregnancy can also become the cause for psychiatric disorders in your baby!

From the host of psychiatric problems that exist, studies show that babies are more prone to suffer from schizophrenia and disorders from the autism spectrum later in their lives. This finding was derived from a report published in Molecular Psychiatry. When researchers from Copenhagen studied the development of neurons in mice, they also witnessed the effects of an infection in a pregnant mouse has on it. The mother’s immune system fights back the infection, influencing stem cells, precursor cells and neuronal cells in the baby. This leads to significant disarray in the development of their brain cells. In fact, the newborn mice showed patterns similar to human mental disorders like reduction in cognition, permuted social interaction and others.

Researcher studying neuronal cell development in mice

The study also showed that getting an infection at different stages of pregnancy affects cell development differently too. For pregnant human females, this may translate the same way. For example, having an infection in the first trimester of pregnancy will have different effects than having it in the third trimester, it may even cause some pregnancy complications. The underlying complexity of psychiatric disorders continues to be studied because of their sometimes vague origins. While this study cannot be ethically done in pregnant women, the results for the same in mice do bring forward some worrying results.

Eating the right foods, having good exercise routines and following a healthy lifestyle suggested by your doctor is incredibly important at this time. Your pregnancy is a period that requires caution, gentle treatment and above all, being as healthy as possible. Take care Mom-to-be!

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