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Water Birth Delivery: Benefits and Risks

When you progress into the later months or trimesters of pregnancy, there are a lot of things to prepare for regarding the birth of your child. Whether you put this decision in your third-trimester checklist or plan it even earlier, the choice of birthing process needs to be given careful consideration. Recently, after the revelation of Kalki Koechlin’s pregnancy and her plan to have a water birth in Goa, a lot of you might be wondering if that is an option for you too. To make this decision easier for…

10 Signs Of Labour

Many expecting mothers, throughout their pregnancy, constantly wonder two questions, namely, What are the labour pain symptoms, & what do early contractions feel like! And it’s not unusual for them to think so, as labour worries are one of the top things that take up a pregnant woman’s mind space a lot of the time! Besides worries about delivery pain symptom, considering the fact that babies are an unpredictable bunch of tiny humans, are the questions of what to do in early labour, if your tot decides to pull a…