Pregnancy Tips From Kareena Kapoor and Rujuta Diwekar?

Pregnancy is a phase that comes with as much surprise as anticipation. Especially for those who have planned and are eagerly awaiting this new chapter in life. No matter how much advice you ask from your mother, friends or co-workers, no one can give you a complete list of dos and don’ts for it either. In the absence of correct guidance, you are left vulnerable to misinformation, pregnancy myths, and often following unverified claims.

Whether it is eating for two or being extremely cautious and paranoid about your weight gain; both are equally bad for a pregnant woman. Should you listen to the well-meaning aunt who’s feeding you double the amount or follow the trend set by glamourous influencers in media who look miraculously slim? Where do you find the right balance and what is the formula to use for your own healthy pregnancy?

One of the most famous pregnancies and journeys of motherhood in the past couple of years has been of Kareena Kapoor Khan. Outspoken in her approach towards the highs and lows of this experience, she has become an idol for a lot of expecting and new mothers. Yet few of us know that a lot of the credit also goes to her dietician turned author, Rujuta Diwekar. In a recent talk between the two on the launch of Diwekar’s new book “Pregnancy Notes”, they both revealed some very essential insider hacks and knowledge to be as healthy as possible during pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Tips From Kareena Kapoor

Here are some of the secret Kareena Kapoor pregnancy tips and suggestions that you can also include in your routine and improve your health during pregnancy:

The power of seasonal vegetables

You will experience a lot of hunger during pregnancy and sometimes crave specific foods too. The best way to tackle that is to eat small portions every two hours or so. The food of choice here should be seasonal vegetables that are fresh, healthy and nutritious. Green vegetables are certain food that is rich in nutrition but often ignored in more fancy food choices.

Nutmeg works wonders

Nutmeg, also known as “Jaiphal” in Hindi, is very useful during these nine months. Many of you may suffer from troubles in sleeping comfortably during pregnancy, but some Nutmeg with warm milk at night helps a lot. Not only does it calm your internal systems but also soothes your body enough for you to be able to relax properly.

Nutmeg works wonders

Til and Coconut

Pregnancy changes are often expected but not liked, especially if they are hair loss, skin rashes and other unwanted effects on your appearance. Adding coconut in your diet and in your body care routine is one of the easiest and a very effective way to tackle this. Coconut oil and solid coconut in your foods. Sesame or “Til” is another food with similar healing properties along with plenty of protein. Ladoos with Til and Coconut as ingredients are easy to make and eat with the additional benefit of keeping your body warm in the winters. However, if you are interested in eating savoury instead of sweet, you can put these two ingredients in Chakalis as well.

Khichdi and Dahi Rice are more than comfort foods

People from all over the country have different traditional diets and home-cooked comfort foods. Despite seeming too plain, these foods are immensely helpful in keeping you well-fed and healthy without gaining too much weight in pregnancy. One of the most famous pregnancy tips from Kareena Kapoor is to not underestimate simple foods like Khichdi, Dhai Rice, Idli with chutney etc.

You are not actually eating for two

Once you understand what the right foods to eat are and what are the foods to avoid during pregnancy, you might want to know the right amount of diet a pregnant woman should have. Whether you are carrying a single child or multiples, you are still just one person, and your unborn child does not have the nutritional needs of a full-grown adult. Eat only as much as is required or as hungry you are, not adhering to “eat for two” that many relatives suggest. Get to know the needs of your baby and discuss a diet chart with your doctor or dietitian to be sure.


Tea and coffee don’t suit an empty stomach

You may have already been warned against coffee during pregnancy but you might not know the reasons behind it. Not only is the caffeine in tea and coffee harmful for your fetus, but these substances also provoke morning sickness in your body. To avoid unnecessary acidity and nausea, do not consume excessive amounts of tea or coffee, especially on an empty stomach.

Can your diet be a lifestyle?

These days people choose to follow popular diets from the internet without verifying from a doctor about its authenticity, actual effects and any adverse outcomes. One of the top pregnancy tips from Kareena Kapoor is to give any diet a very careful consideration and get it approved by a professional before going through it. Another thing that you should consider is whether that diet can become a lifestyle for you or not. Going on extreme diets for brief periods of time is not only a temporary answer but also weakens your metabolism in the long run!

diet be a lifestyle

From the media coverage everywhere, a lot of us a very familiar with Kareena Kapoor’s journey of fitness before, during and after pregnancy. From pregnancy tips for normal delivery to some of the exclusive pregnancy tips from Kareena Kapoor, this talk with Rujuta Diwekar covered many topics of interest. So while you try to follow Kareena Kapoor pregnancy tips, make sure that your diet focuses on overall health rather than just thinness. Daily exercises and an active lifestyle along with healthy food is the key to go through pregnancy comfortably without compromising on your health!

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