7 Myths & Facts Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life, filled with the wonders of bringing forth a new life. The amount of unverified information available about pregnancy is abundant, but how accurate is it really?

To embark on this beautiful journey you need to be well-informed and aware.

Is it safe to believe in all advice?
Let us go through some of the common misconceptions and myths relating to pregnancy that you may have heard, and fact-check them

1. You are pregnant, eat for two!

Unnecessary double portions of food for pregnant women

The fact is that you do not need to eat for two because your baby is not yet a grown person and only requires around an added 300 calories daily, thus all extra food adds to your weight.

2. Exercise is harmful to the baby

Pregnancy exercises for expecting mothers

Unsupervised and jerky exercise movements may harm your baby. Instead, following an exercise regime supervised by professionals in prenatal fitness is important to relieve the discomforts of your body. It also helps in smoother delivery. For example, squatting in the early months and jumping is prohibited, whereas sitting on the floor and other exercises to counter back pains are recommended by trainers/doctors.

3. Sex during pregnancy may cause miscarriage
Generally, only pregnancies with some complications are advised against sex, otherwise healthy and safe sexual life is not harmful; the uterus muscles protect the baby. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor about this.

4. You can have a drink/smoke, it won’t affect the baby

Pregnant women are advised against smoking

The environment you breathe in and the chemicals that enter your bloodstream whether through what you eat or drink, or through the products you use, everything affects the baby.
Smoking, drinking, drugs and absorption of any other harmful substances may lead to disorders in babies. Discuss the relevant foods with your doctor and avoid strong chemical products.

5. Coffee is a big No!

Pregnant women can have a single mild cup of coffee in a day

It is true that caffeine intake is harmful during pregnancy, but you do not have to completely give up tea or coffee. Sticking to decaf is one option. Otherwise, a small cup with only around 200mg caffeine content daily is permissible.

6. You can’t fly

Level of comfort while travelling pregnant is important

You can travel via plane before 6 months if you have a healthy pregnancy. While making travel plans, check the guidelines for pregnant passengers with the airlines and you are good to go. Post 6 months, you may require a letter from your doctor to confirm that your pregnancy is low risk and you are fit to travel.

7. Is it a boy or a girl?

A pregnant woman is curious about the gender of her child

Whether the bump is high or low, if your belly is hairy or not, prophetic dreams, glowing skin and the famous ring test from Hum Saath Saath Hain etc, are all methods based on chance, without any guarantee. There is no legal scientific and absolute way of knowing the gender of the baby before birth.

There are many other myths floating around in regards to pregnancy, some based in coincidences and other in ancient beliefs and practices. It is important to discern the truth and a very simple way to do so is to have a medical professional’s opinion or to check online forums for facts. Your and the baby’s health should be the primary concern.
So, soak up the pampering and take the suggestions with a pinch of salt. You get closer to your bundle of joy every day, enjoy this time before he or she arrives!

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