Pregnancy Milestones By Trimester

From the start of your pregnancy to the birth of your child, the journey of growing a baby inside your body is nothing short of incredible. Each step of this process is memorable and all the milestones that you reach during pregnancy will be something to recall fondly.

For easier monitoring, doctors usually divide pregnancy into three trimesters, each consisting about 13 weeks. The health of both you and your baby is monitored through all the trimesters of pregnancy so that there are no unwanted complications. Here is a look at what happens inside your body in those 9 months :

First Trimester
After conception, 4 weeks in, your baby is essentially a cluster of cells roughly the size of a poppy seed or rye. During this trimester, you usually experience tiredness and nausea, and something commonly known as morning sickness. In the coming weeks, the placenta and your baby’s organs start to develop. When you reach the 5th or 6th week, they have a heartbeat which you will be able to hear by the end of this trimester. By the end of the 13 weeks, some of your baby’s internal organs start to function and their bones start to harden. You may also feel the need to urinate frequently due to the pressure the womb puts on your bladder. The good thing is that these problems generally end with this trimester itself and do not continue throughout your pregnancy.

Second Trimester
The second trimester is when further organ development continues to take place. The size of your baby increases and halfway through this trimester, you can feel your baby move. Mothers generally start to show more during this trimester and the tiredness is reduced as compared to the previous weeks. Your baby’s senses are also developing, he or she can hear your voice and other loud noises outside by week 19. You can start talking to your baby, try to familiarize them with your voice.
Babies grow taller than a foot and weigh around half a kilogram near the end of this trimester. He/she also sleeps and wakes up regularly, opening and closing eyes. You may experience some headaches, which can be reduced by eating healthily and staying hydrated.
It is the time you feel a little more used to your pregnancy and how your body adjusts with it. You will feel more energetic in this trimester without nausea and vomiting draining you.

Third Trimester
This is the trimester where your baby gains weight and grow taller. He/she is about 15 inches tall and weighs a little less than a kilogram at 28 weeks. Little hair, fingernails and toenails grow around week 32. By week 37, all important organs of your baby are working well and he/she is almost ready to meet you. It is normal for mothers to have some contractions before your due date as the body starts to prepare for labour. The due date is usually calculated to be somewhere in the 38th week of pregnancy when the baby is around 3 kilograms and 20 inches tall; just about ready for birth.
There are usually not too many problems faced by the mother in this trimester, other than feeling too big in your body. Regular check-ups with your doctor and midwife are essential in this phase of pregnancy.

These nine months seem like a long time, but when you would be eagerly waiting to meet your baby, the days will fly by and suddenly he/she will be in your arms. The time after the birth of your child is equally as important as your pregnancy was. While you may shift your full focus on your newborn, do not forget to take proper care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. After all, a healthy mom can best nurture a healthy baby.

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