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7 Foods To Feed Your Baby Before 12 Months

Everyone knows that a newborn needs to be fed with breast milk. But nobody exactly talks about the time when the baby can start having foods other than milk and what food one should give to their infants during the first 12 months. Breast milk is the most important food for babies, but a baby’s eating habits will be developed based on what you feed them in the first year. Your baby’s diet should include baby solid food only after 6 months of their birth. According to many studies, it…

8 Summer Care Tips For Kids

Sunny summer days are here and the heat is rising daily. While commonly considered a carefree time, summer can sometimes be a little too harsh on your little one. Newborns, infants and toddlers usually suffer the same problems in this season. Your kids are sweaty, itchy and uncomfortable in the scorching heat along with facing sundry other issues as well. Here are 8 great summer care tips for kids: 1. Homemade Hydrating Drinks What your child consumes is important at any given time, but in summer, even more so. It…