Importance Of Bedtime Stories

Do you remember the bedtime stories that your mother and grandmother used to tell you? Tales weaved with handsome princes, talking animals and a whole lot of magic; bedtime stories have always been a memorable part of our lives.

Bedtimes are the quietest part of the day, a time to kiss and cuddle your baby, tell them about adventures and finally tuck them in.

Even in the hazy memories of childhood, you probably remember such cosy evenings to be the happiest and most cherished times. Bedtime stories have been a part of the routine for babies since ages, and now it is your turn to share this with your kid. But do you know that bedtime stories are more important than you think?

To sleep like a baby means to have a deep and relaxing sleep.

Growing communication abilities
Babies learn to speak through observing and mimicking the way you speak. When you tell bedtime stories to your child, it is a special time where you have their full attention. They hear you speaking in different tones, they observe your expressions and gestures, and anything else like songs and props that you use in storytelling. Children also learn their mother tongue from their parents, as you did from their grandparents. Babies’ listening, memorising and oral communication skills develop over time as you continue to tell them stories. Soon enough they will be begging for one more story every night!

Development of the baby’s brain

Babies need to be engaged in activities that help physical and mental development.

Your baby is slowly learning language and words even when he/she doesn’t understand what you are saying. It can be considered an early start of your baby’s education. Parents who like to read, often start narrating stories to their babies very early and when your baby hears the same stories and sounds repeatedly, he/she starts to process them faster. If you keep up this progress, your baby will learn language faster as a toddler. When you read with your child, you are helping them develop comprehension and logical skills, they try to predict what happens next in the story, make logical connections between events happening and ask reasons for various things.

Enhancing your kids moral and social understanding
Books hold an entire world inside them, and when you start the habit of storytelling early on, your kid will understand social cues and good manners easier as a toddler. The bedtime stories read to your kids are usually simple and sweet tales that hold deeper moral teachings like the value of friendship, family, love, honesty etc. Such bedtime stories are always a lovely and educational part of life when your kids are still young.

Parents are the yardstick with which kids learn about life around them.

Remember that bedtimes are the quietest part of the day, a time to kiss and cuddle your baby, tell them about adventures and finally tuck them in. Enjoy these nights with wonderful stories and build lasting memories with your child. Indulging kids in these stories, doing voices for the characters and using props, will make it a fun activity for the family. You can share personal stories from childhood, stand in your mother’s shoes and make this experience even more meaningful and beautiful.

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