How to Protect Newborns in Cold Weather?

The weather of cold comes with so many ups and downs, especially for new moms. Winter is all about warm foods and cozy layers. Many of us love spending time outdoors to enjoy the feel of chills in the air. But with a newborn baby, you might want to consider things other way around. The newborn becomes a priority for a mom. Probably you are worried about how you should be protecting your baby from the harsh cold. We are sharing a few tips here to help you keep your baby safe and warm in winter. But before that, you must understand why winter is different for babies than it is for any adult.

The bodies of newborn babies are not developed with the ability to regulate the body’s temperature. This is the reason they lose their bodies’ heat very easily and quickly when exposed to low temperatures. Winter care for babies requires a lot of thoughtfulness and effort. The baby should not be very cold but should not be overheated at any cost. Which is why you always have to keep a check on the temperature the baby is being exposed to. Learn all about baby care in the winter season here. 

Cover Your Baby in Layers

Dressing your little one in layers is the best practice when it comes to baby care in winter season. Layers allow you to remove or add to the coziness according to the temperature of the surroundings. You may keep the bottom layer close-fitted such as bodysuit, leggings, etc and add other layers on top of that. It is good practice if you use breathable clothes for layering them up. Breathable layers will help keep them warm enough without causing discomfort or suffocation. Be careful of removing layers as soon as you are in a warmer place. When traveling, you should cover them in a blanket until the car heats up and remove the layer when it’s warm and cozy inside. Also, do not forget to put on socks, gloves, and cap to cover them up properly.

Keep Your Baby Close to Your Body

Mother carrying baby to take newborn baby care in winter

One of the best ways to protect your newborn from cold weather is to use your body’s heat to provide them with the warmth they need. Baby carriers are the best solution that will help you carry your baby in your arms comfortably even for long hours. Carriers also allow your baby to be close to your body. Note that you should still cover your baby’s feet and head to prevent the heat leakage. Don’t forget to be extra careful that your baby is breathing properly and his/her face is not blocked by your jacket. Also, you might need to be cautious as your baby may not need multiple layers if you are keeping them warm by keeping them close to your body.

Take Hygiene Seriously 

Wash your hands very often and keep the surroundings as clean as you can. You should also keep a hand sanitizer for visitors and have them use it before they touch or pick your child in arms. The reason behind this strict gesture is that winter is the season when germs and bacteria are most likely to affect those with weak immunity. Because your newborn has recently arrived in the world, their immunity system is least developed and they are more likely to be attacked by flu and other contagious diseases. Dirty hands may also cause skin infections. To protect the baby from such disasters, you have to maintain special baby skin care in winter. Therefore, every mother must include this practice in their regime of winter care for babies.

Breastfeed Your Baby

We all know that the food provided by nature is the healthiest. The same goes for the food for babies. Breast milk consists of all necessary antibodies and enzymes that help build immunity in babies. Feeding your baby with breast milk improves their ability to fight off germs and allergies. Newborn baby care in winter season essentially includes the efforts to build up antibodies in their bodies. Ideally, you should continue breastfeeding your child for 2 years. But a newborn should only be fed with breast milk for the first 6 months to help them be in the best shape for the rest of their life. 

Moisturize Your Baby’s Skin Regularly

Mother massaging baby to maintain proper baby skin care in winter

It is utterly important to follow baby skin care in winters, mainly because the harshness in the air steals moisture from your baby’s delicate skin and leaves it dry and irritated. Your baby may feel discomfort because of dryness and itching. Massage your newborn’s skin gently with a good lotion made for infants. If you are unsure about the effectiveness and genuineness of these products, you may use ghee to moisturize your baby’s skin. It will help make their skin soft and supple while locking in the moisture for a long time. Massaging their body with a moisturizer will also increase the blood circulation which will, in turn, help improve their health

Maintain the Temperature

Taking extra measures in deciding the temperature of the room or the water is equally important for newborn baby care in winter. The room temperature should be warm enough to keep them cozy but not too warm to cause excessive warmth. Also, avoid covering the baby with a heavy and warm blanket as it may cause “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome”. Sudden Infant death syndrome is a phenomenon used for the sudden death of a healthy infant. Overheating caused by excess layers happens to be one of the reasons for SIDS. 

The temperature of the water that you use to bathe your baby should also be considered important enough. You should ideally keep the water as warm as the temperature of your baby’s body to prevent any harm caused by too hot or too cold water. Keep a thermometer handy every time you are going to bathe your baby. 

Try to Read Signs 

Your baby always responds to discomfort with certain signs. You must always pay extra attention to your baby’s gestures. If the environment is too warm for them, they will be fussy and irritated. You should check their body to see if they are warm and try to remove some layers. If they are too cold, you would feel coldness when you touch their back or neck. Also, if you are outdoors and your newborn child starts shivering, or their face turns too red or pale, you should take them to a warm place immediately. Extreme cold or extreme warmth is dangerous for the delicate body of your baby.  

Baby showing signs of discomfort due to incomplete baby care in winter season

Along with all the tips that are mentioned above, certain things are expected to be taken care of too. It is best if you use a heater and a humidifier in your baby’s room. If you need to cover your newborn in a blanket, buy a safe infant sleeping bag, which would cover them up. The sleeping bag will stay on, even if your baby will kick their legs, also it will prevent the face from being covered. The sleeping bag also keeps your child from rolling over and sleeping on their stomach. 
You learn more about winter care for babies when you enter into winters. Even though some basics are the same for every baby. The needs of each baby differ slightly and you would need to customize your routine to suit their comfort. Remember, you should always reach out for help when you find yourself struggling with something or fail to understand any signs that your baby gives you. Moreover, you should focus on enjoying winter to its fullest while protecting your baby through all the measures mentioned above.

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