How To Prevent Hair Fall In Pregnancy?

Already tired of finding fallen hair in the bathroom? Getting worried about your hair thinning with every combing? Out of all the wonderful new experiences you will have, hair fall in pregnancy is definitely not one of them. Although hair care during pregnancy does not seem that important when you are already dealing with morning sickness and other symptoms of pregnancy, it can be worrying for some of you.

Along with the skin changes during pregnancy, a lot of other aspects of your appearance are also change with pregnancy, hair being one of them. For some, the pregnancy glow up becomes real, whereas, for others, the change is upsetting and stressful. But the silver lining here is that hair fall in pregnancy is temporary and you won’t experience more than regular hair fall after delivery. 

What causes hair fall during pregnancy?

Hair fall in pregnancy is a phenomenon that is perfectly normal and far more common than you might have imagined. According to studies, 40-50% of pregnant women experience increased hair fall either in some trimesters or throughout their pregnancies. The reasons behind this hair loss can be many and varied, here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • Incomplete Nutrition

    Your body’s nutritional requirements change during pregnancy. You need enough vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients to not only support your own body but also to support the developing baby. Deficiency of essential proteins, iron and other vitamins can easily cause hair fall in pregnancy
Hair care during pregnancy involves a balanced diet like this
  • Hormonal Changes

    Pregnancy is a time for hormones and change, often times with unwanted side effects to your body. Along with the stress and emotional rollercoaster you experience during pregnancy, hormones play a large role in hair fall in this time. In the cycle of hair growth, the resting phase is called telogen effluvium. So when your hormones shift focus towards baby development, your hair growth goes to the resting phase, making it look like you have more hair fall.
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Pregnancy with PCOS is often difficult on its own, and if you also suffer from this, hair fall is another problem that you have to deal with. It is one of the side effects of excessive release of the male hormone in female bodies.
Hairfall are also caused by PCOS
  • Thyroid Issues

    Whether you suffer from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, the fluctuation in levels of thyroid hormone in your body during pregnancy cause hair fall, weight gain, weight loss, muscle cramps etc.
Hair fall like this is common with thyroid problems.

Ways to prevent hair fall in pregnancy

To better understand and improve your hair care during pregnancy, take a look at the look at the following pregnancy tips that you can do at home:

  • Use Natural Products

    Try to avoid as much chemical treatment of your hair as possible. Go for more natural, herbal or organic products that are mild as well. This way you will avoid any allergic reactions and skin rashes that are common in a time as sensitive as pregnancy. These products may include shampoos, conditioners, hair oils and serums.
  • Warm Oil Massage

    A gentle massage to the scalp with slightly warm oil can do wonders for your hair as well as your stress due to the increased blood circulation. The recommended oils for hair fall treatment are usually coconut, jojoba, olive, almond etc. Since different oils give different nourishment to your scalp, it is even better to use various combinations of these oils mixed together. Make sure to check any oils with your doctor before using them.
Coconut oil massages are a common cure for hair fall in pregnancy.
  • Avoid Chemical Treatments and Styling

    Pregnancy is the time to be gentle with your body including your hair. Avoid extensive chemical or heat treatments of your hair during this time. Go for your natural styles and put a pause on hair colouring, straightening or re-bonding during this time. This way, you can prevent some of the hair falls.
  • Maintain Healthy Diet

    Make sure that your meals are balanced and filled with all your nutritional requirements. It is important to know all the correct foods to eat in pregnancy to avoid any deficiencies. Foods with irons, proteins, vitamin B etc are very helpful in hair care during pregnancy. If your food to prevent hair fall is not enough, you can consult your doctor about some safe medicinal supplements as well.
  • Hair Care Routine

    Wash your hair with gentle movements and avoid combing it while it’s wet. Wet hair is far easier to pull out than dry hair. Let your hair dry naturally and then use a wide-toothed comb to untangle it. Try to avoid tight ponytails, braids or buns that pull your hair too much. These improvements to your hair care during pregnancy will definitely show some positive effects.
Your hair care routine should be improved during pregnancy.
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  • Amla And Neem

    Both Amla and Neem have various healing properties. While Amla promotes hair growth, Neem functions as an antibacterial for your scalp to prevent hair fall. Amla can be consumed orally or applied in powder and oil forms. Neem can also be applied on your scalp as a paste or put in your bathwater.
  • Citric Juice

    Preparing citric lemon juice with beaten egg and putting it on your scalp is very nourishing and enriching for proper hair growth. You can wash it out after around 20-30 mins. This is one of very useful pregnancy tips regarding hair care.
  • Meditation

    Hair fall is one of the prime symptoms of a stressful life. Even in pregnancy, hair fall can be caused by the added stress and overwhelming emotions that you go through. Meditation is a great way to calm yourself and get rid of too much stress or anxiety. Focus on spending these nine months as happy and healthy as you can be!
Meditation is a great stress buster to prevent hair fall in pregnancy.

Once your baby is delivered, most of your hair problems will go away on their own. In the meantime, you should continue to eat healthy food to avoid hair fall. Also, make sure to protect your head from too much sun or the heat. It might take some time but hair fall after delivery will lessen and your hair will go back to its original condition. Hair fall in pregnancy is very natural and is not a cause for too much concern. Don’t worry Mommy, we’ve got your back with many such easy pregnancy hacks and solutions to your problems!


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