How To Have A Normal Delivery?

Normal delivery means that the baby is going to be brought into this world naturally. Having a child naturally is not that difficult, unless you have any medical condition that hinders that. Moreover, the natural process of birth allows a healthy delivery of the baby and a speedy recovery for the mother.

Although there are no shortcuts of having a normal delivery, there are certain measures to keep in mind that can significantly increase your chances of having a healthy child through natural delivery.

What Influences The Tendency Of A Normal Delivery?

Let’s discuss how to have normal delivery and the circumstances that influence your chances of having it. They do not provide complete assurance of having a natural delivery, but will significantly improve your chances.

  1. If you have had a normal vaginal delivery before in the previous pregnancies, you should not worry about how to have normal delivery as you have better chances of having it again.
  2. If you are not having any serious health issues, having a normal delivery becomes easy. For example. if you are suffering from breathing disorders such as asthma, there are chances that it may aggravate during labor and reduce your chances of having a normal delivery.
  3. If your weight is ideal you have better chances of having a normal delivery, as overweight could increase the risk of having a large child and will curtail your chances of having a normal delivery.
  4. If your pregnancy has been smoothly going without any complications, the birth will most likely go smoothly too.
  5. If you have been physically active throughout your pregnancy and have been actively performing your daily activities, the chances of having a normal delivery are higher.
  6. If your physiology has been in good shape including your blood pressure, sugar levels, and hemoglobin. 

These are some general health factors that can improve your chances of having a normal delivery. As the due date approaches, your body sends signals that the baby is going to come.

Signals Of Normal Delivery:

Signals Of Normal Delivery

There are certain signals that the body starts giving before the expected due date. Doctors generally ask to pay attention to every small change that you might feel as these small changes are indicators of labor. We have listed various signs that indicate labor. However, due-date signs may be different for every pregnant woman.

Pre-labor signals appearing before delivery:

  1. You might feel a lack of coordination in your body movements as the baby starts to descend into the pelvic region
  2. You will feel looseness in your joints. The reason being relaxin hormone, as it softens the ligaments of the pelvic region. 
  3. You will constantly feel an urge to urinate as the baby’s head is constantly pressing against your bladder. This is the most common signal among pregnant women. 
  4. You might feel strong contractions before the actual labor pain symptoms begin, these are called Braxton Hicks contractions. They are false contractions and a perfect sign to know that the due date is close.
  5. Frequent and significantly stronger contractions start to occur as time passes. Generally, the contractions are strongest when the due date is hours away.
  6. The most important signal that will mark that you are ready to have a normal delivery is the rupture of the amniotic sac. This is also termed as water breaking. It occurs minutes before the baby is about to come out.

Once you start observing any of these signals, ask your partner or any family member to be with you. Make sure to have a doctor around who can monitor your condition.

Tips For Easy Normal Delivery:

Normal delivery is the healthiest method to give birth, both for mother and child and therefore requires special care and attention. Well, here are certain tips for easy normal delivery:

  1. Keep Yourself Stress-Free:

    Most of the women feel stressed during pregnancy, and it is completely normal to feel so. But try to stay away from stressful situations or things that make you anxious. Most importantly, keep your mind busy so that you can avoid negative thoughts because they can cause you emotional distress which is not good for both you and your child. You can try meditation to calm yourself down. Read books or listen to music that makes you feel comfortable.Keep Yourself Stress-Free
  2. Maintain a positive attitude throughout your pregnancy:

    You will come across many stories where either the childbirth went smoothly or had certain complications. Listening to negative stories will make you more stressed and nervous. Therefore, if someone is sharing complications of natural birth, stay away from such gossips. Just because your friend had a complicated pregnancy doesn’t mean that you will have it too. 
  3. Knowledge is power:

    Acquire knowledge about labor pain symptoms and the natural delivery process. Read various blogs and articles about childbirth. Read books related to natural delivery. Clear up all the doubts with your doctors. Ask elder women from your family about their experience. Follow breathing exercises to keep your mind relaxed. 
  4. Have strong emotional support:

    Have a strong support system. Ask your mother to stay with you. Maintain a healthy relationship with your husband. Keep in touch with your friends. This will keep you boosted up and keep your mood happy. When someone has your back, it can reduce a lot of stress.
  5. Stay hydrated:

    Drinking water is one of the best tips for easy normal delivery, it plays a very important role to keep you and your child healthy. Moreover, labor can be tough on the body which further increases the requirement of water to prevent dehydration. The human body gets a lot of stamina from water. It has been found that water plays a vital role in the proper nourishment of your child. Therefore increase your water intake when you are pregnant. You can also drink fresh juices and healthy energy drinks to fulfill your daily fluid intake.
  6. Choose your doctor wisely:

    It is often seen that there are many doctors who will ask the pregnant mothers to opt for C-section without considering their medical fitness. So, it is very important to find a doctor who would consider the possibility of C-section only when there is a medical emergency. It is saddening that many doctors want mothers to go through C-section so that they can earn operation cost benefits.

These are certain tips for easy normal delivery to keep in mind. Now let’s move forward with other factors to consider.

Eating Habits That Improve Your Chances Of Having Normal Delivery:

Having a balanced diet during pregnancy plays an important role to keep you and your child healthy, therefore easing your way towards natural delivery. Well here are certain points to keep in mind regarding eating habits for normal delivery

  1. Have A Healthy Dietary Routine

    A healthy mother means a healthy child, hence you should maintain a healthy diet routine. Add fruits, vegetables, legumes, and dairy products to your diet plan. Reduce your sugar intake as it can affect your child’s neurological development. Avoid street food as much as possible, as it may contain bacteria that would eventually harm your baby’s health. Most mothers avoid oily and deep-fried foods too.Have A Healthy Dietary Routine
  2. Include Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet

    Fruits such as mango, orange, and pineapple has an enzyme called bromelain which simulates labor pain symptoms. Therefore try to introduce fruits in your daily routine of food for normal delivery. Eat green vegetables so that your protein intake is maintained. Iron requirement significantly increases during pregnancy, so make sure you eat an iron-rich diet.
  3. Eat small meals at regular intervals

    Keep a habit of eating smaller meals. Eating a lot of food together can cause you indigestion. Maintain a small diet schedule every 3-4 hours. Half of your meal should contain fruits and vegetables and the remainder should consist of proteins and dairy products. This diet is considered as the best food for normal delivery. Make sure you do not skip your meals as eating healthy food significantly increases your chance of having a natural delivery. 

Pregnancy Exercises For Normal Delivery:

Being fit during pregnancy plays a very important role in the overall development of the child. If you stay healthy and active throughout your pregnancy, you have better chances of going under normal delivery. But, you should keep certain things in mind. Never start any exercise before consulting your doctor. Let your doctor know about your daily routine and your diet, this will help him/her understand the kind of exercise your body requires. We have listed some of the pregnancy exercises for normal delivery that will help you strengthen your body and help nourish your child. 

Pregnancy Exercises For Normal Delivery

1. Follow a normal breathing exercise:

Breathing plays a very important role while you are under labor. If you lose your breathing rhythm, there are chances that you might faint during labor, which can be harmful to both you and your child. Try these breathing exercises to tackle this issue: 

  • Chest breathing:

    Try taking deep breaths but confine them mostly to your chest. Pump as much air as you can in your lungs without relaxing your stomach muscles. Then breathe out slowly. This will prevent cramping in your abdominal muscles during labor. Do this exercise for 10 mins every alternate day.
  • Belly breathing:

    Take shallow breaths and start breathing out without breathing in fully. Try to stretch your belly and keep your chest pulled inside. This technique has been considered as a very helpful exercise for normal delivery and helps reduce the chances of having stretch marks. Try this exercise once every week.
  • Shallow breath:

    This is a very helpful exercise for normal delivery, especially for women who have conditions like asthma or dirt allergy. This might not be the best solution for asthma treatment but can surely protect you from having a panic attack while you are in labor. Do this once a week 

2. Slow-paced walking:

Walking is considered the best low-intensity workout. Try to walk for at least half an hour twice a day. This will keep you active throughout the day. Walking is the best exercise for normal delivery. It also helps prevent problems like high blood pressure, constipation and pregnancy body-ache. Make sure to wear good pair of walking shoes so that you don’t feel pressure on your feet. 

3. Swimming

Swimming is also a great exercise for normal delivery. Swimming not only regulates your heartbeat but also strengthens your muscles. It helps to stretch your muscles and prevent muscle injuries. Being in water also allows hydrotherapy to play its role. Hydrotherapy will relax your body by relieving your pain and body-ache.

4. Regular exercises and prenatal yoga:

Go for mild exercises. It will not only improve your stamina but will also keep your body flexible throughout pregnancy. Here are a few exercises for normal delivery :

  1. Try Kegels as they make your pelvic floor muscles strong which will help you a lot to beat stress while you are under labor. 
  2. Try pelvic tilts as it would relax your pelvic muscles and will loosen up your lower back making it more flexible.
  3. Butterfly pose can be very helpful in strengthening your pelvis, it also stretches your lower back. 
  4. Squatting is one of the best exercises for normal delivery as it opens up your pelvis and getting your baby in the best birthing position. 
Regular exercises and prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga helps you to achieve a healthier body. Pregnancy exercise for normal delivery must include yoga. Yoga not only helps you to achieve inner peace but is also a means to ease your way towards normal delivery. There are various yoga postures that help you open up your chest, shoulders, and hips along with relaxing your lower back. Try prenatal yoga classes under the supervision of a certified trainer so that you know what is safe for you and what isn’t.


Various studies have found that more than 85% of pregnant women are completely healthy to have a natural delivery whereas only 15% actually require medical attention or a C-section. While statistically, more than 30% of women undergo C-section. Going under C-section might give you an escape from labor pain symptoms but could pose complications in the future. And as it is a medical procedure, it requires more recovery time which can cause trouble for both the child and the mother. 

After all the discussions, If you feel that your body might not be ready to face a normal delivery, do not force yourself to go through it. You can opt for C-section because all that matters is that you are going to be a happy mother and have a child that you have nourished and cared for nine months. You are finally going to see him/her, touch its skin, cuddle it and feel its presence. There is nothing pure than the feelings of a mother for her child.

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