How To Get Pregnant With Twins?

There are many wonderful oddities and phenomenon in life, twins being one of them. The experience of pregnancy and motherhood is marked with a lot of change, wonder and amazing things happening. Twins are another wonderful part of this journey that only some of us get to have in our lives. Born from the same pregnancy, these two children not only enrich your life, but they also bring equal amounts of troubles and adventure with them.

No matter how difficult it might be to manage two kids at the same time, no one can deny that the charm is real. In fact, the number of twins has increased exponentially in the past 30 or so years. The statistics across this time period suggest that there has been a 75% jump in the birth of twins and you can even see them in your own family or friend group.

If you are wanting to get pregnant with twins too, there will be a lot of questions that you need the answers for; “How to conceive twins?” being the first among them. So, we will discuss the odds of you getting pregnant with twins and how to increase chances to conceive twins.

How does pregnancy with twins happen?

There is usually no particular cause behind a woman getting pregnant with twins, although there are some common factors that can be narrowed down from the cases that happen.

  • A family history of twins may increase the probability of having them yourself.
  • Your age might also matter here. If you are pregnant after 30s, you are more likely to have twins as your ovulation cycles and hormones change.
  • Women taking fertility treatments.

A normal conception happens when a single sperm fertilizes your egg to form a single embryo and leading to further baby development. In the case of twins, this process can happen in either of two ways resulting in two different types of twins:

Identical Twins

This happens when one sperm fertilizes one egg, which later divides into two embryos. Since the genetic material is divided equally between them, these embryos grow into identical twin babies. They may share an amniotic sac or have separate ones, but they do share a placenta in your womb.

Non-Identical/ Fraternal Twins

In the case where you have two eggs in your reproductive tract that are fertilized by separate sperm, two different embryos are formed. These babies that are conceived together have separate genetic material and are fraternal twins. These non-identical babies can even have different sexes.

identical and non-identical twins

What are the things that factor in having twins?

Although the number of twin pregnancies has increased in recent years, the actual probability of having twins is 1 in every 300 births in India and 1 in 250 in America. It is also known that a woman is more likely to have non-identical twins than identical one. So, what determines the conception of twins? What are the factors that influence your pregnancy in favour of twins? Here are a few key elements that have a role to play in twin pregnancies:

  1. Family History/ Inheritance

    You will have higher chances of having twins if you have a family history of twins or there are a lot of twins in your ancestry. This is applicable more to the mother’s side of the family rather than the father’s. It has also been noted that mothers who are fraternal twins frequently have children that are twins too, the odds being 1 in every 60.
  2. Fertility Treatments

    One of the leading causes or factors behind having twins is fertility treatments. Researches and studies have shown that women who have undergone fertility treatments have twins more than those who have not. The different types of fertility treatments also determine different ways in which this likelihood increases.
    Fertility drugs that stimulate the ovaries to release eggs often cause more than one egg to be released, leading to twins or multiple children at a time.
    IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) also has higher chances of having twins because the doctors may put more than one embryo in your womb for better chances of success at this type of pregnancy. Couple consulting fertility specialist conceive twins
  3. Ethnicity

    This is something that a person has no control over, but the records show that people of certain ethnic groups are far more likely to have twins than others. Black women have more twin babies than Caucasian women and Caucasian women have more twins than Asian or Hispanic women. Some communities in South Africa have as many as 18 twins in every 1000 births.
  4. Age

    The older a woman gets, her body releases more amounts of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) that causes the ovaries to release more eggs each month. The chances for women over 35 to have fraternal twins is higher than younger women.
  5. Physique

    While it is not advised for women who want to have twins to gain weight, it has also been noted that those who have higher Body Mass Index (BMI) are more likely to have twins. Any specific twins diet for mother or twins diet for father to increase weight is not included in this.
  6. Previous Pregnancies

    It has been observed over the years that with each pregnancy, the chances to have twins in the next one increases. And if you have had twins in a previous pregnancy, you have chances of giving birth to twins again.Woman showing pregnant with twins

How to increase chances to conceive twins?

If you are wondering about how to conceive twins, here are some of the most well-known methods or ways for it:

  • Time between pregnancies

    When you get pregnant a second time very quickly after pregnancy, you reduce the chances of having twins. Have a longer gap between two pregnancies to raise your probability to conceive twins.
  • Diet

    It is very important to know what to eat during pregnancy and what foods to avoid. The same can be said when you aim for a twin pregnancy. Twins diet for mother means no unhealthy or junk foods. Women are advised to go for rich meats, dairy and proteins instead of low-fat options as foods to eat to get pregnant with twins.
  • Medication

    It is scientifically known that fertility medications are the most effective and sure-shot ways to conceive twins. This type of medication stimulates the release of eggs in females and sperm production in males.
    Similarly, another medication that influences your chance of having are the pills. When you come off the pill, your body goes through a hormonal change, releasing more than one egg in an ovulation cycle.
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

    More often than not, this fertility treatment results in twins or multiple births for the pregnant woman. It happens because the specialists often put more than one embryo in your womb to have a higher chance of implantation and healthy pregnancy.Girl holding ultrasound of twins IVF treatment

While there are many women out there who get pregnant with twins due to using some form of fertility treatments and assistance, women also have twins naturally too. Whether the foods to eat to get pregnant with twins actually work or not is still in speculation, there is no harm in trying. Having twins may double the joys of your parenthood, but it is important to aim for a healthy and happy pregnancy first. So, even if you are making efforts to conceive twins, make sure that everything about the coming pregnancy is safe and healthy for you and your future child!


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