How to bond with your newborn baby?

You have just had a child and are feeling a little worried about how would you bond with the newborn baby? Well, don’t worry as it’s completely normal to have mixed feelings of excitement, thrill, exhilaration, and fear, all at the same time. Having a child is completely different from connecting with them emotionally, something that new mothers often struggle with. Despite having a newborn baby in the house, you shouldn’t rush as a strong emotional bond takes time to form. The bond between a mother and her child is very precious and needs to be built slowly and steadily. Alternatively, there are very few ways of the father bonding with the baby during pregnancy. Fathers generally feel left out in the early days of a newborn baby. Do not worry dad, as we have shared various tips regarding dad bonding with baby too. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the methods you can follow to form a healthy connection with your newborn.

#1. Eye Contact:

Eye Contact
  • Mother-child bond:

    Eye contact is a very important aspect of trust development. It is a very common thing and you wouldn’t even remember doing it every day, but for a newborn, it becomes very important to learn about trust at this early stage. Being a mother, there are plenty of chances to make eye contact with your newborn. It will allow the mother-baby bond to flourish. While feeding him, changing his diapers or putting him to sleep, there are lots of chances to make prolonged eye contact and try to make them comfortable. It gives them a sense of comfort and makes them confident. A child is born totally dependent on their mother and is very curious to learn what this new world is all about. Eye contact improves the bond between a new mother and her child.
  • Dad bonding with baby:

    The first few weeks of a newborn are very crucial as it is the time where he/she learns how to trust someone. Many studies have found that children who make eye contact with their parents generally tend to be more confident and bold in their life. Here is a major role to be played by the father. Making eye contact with your newborn makes him feel comfortable. Let him stare at you, it will build a strong bond of trust. All a dad bonding with baby needs to do is to stay with him as much as possible. Before you leave for work, spend at least 10 mins every day and help your partner with the child. This not only allows the newborn to rely on you but also helps him/her to feel familiar with you.

#2. Cuddling With Your Newborn: 

Cuddling With Your Newborn
  • Mother-child bond:

    Who doesn’t love cuddling? Remember your childhood, when you came home scared and your mother hugged you tightly. There is no place safer than the mother’s arms. The same is the case with newborns. You need to develop a mother-baby bond. So that your child who has just entered the world, can feel secure. Cuddling your child makes them feel secure and protected and also improves the bond between mother and child. Slowly, babies start recognizing their mother. This also makes a huge impact on the child’s behavior in the future. Researchers have found that a child who sleeps cuddled with their parents has fewer chances to become arrogant than a child sleeping alone. Therefore, as a mother, you should cuddle your child as much as possible. It will strengthen the mother-child bond.
  • Dad bonding with baby:

    Although, you may have tried a lot, a father bonding with the baby during pregnancy is difficult, therefore holding a newborn can be tricky for fathers. Fathers are often scared that they might hurt their newborn angel. But there is nothing more comforting for a parent than touching a newborn baby and it also makes your baby happy. Try to make a skin to skin contact with your child. This will allow you to have a healthy connection with the newborn. Pat them in the back, and hold them close to your body. You can also cuddle them while allowing them to sleep on your chest.

#3 Engage In Fun Activities With Your Child:

Engage In Fun Activities With Your Child
  • Mother-child bond:

    Playing as a child is a nostalgic feeling for everyone, but none of us notice that most of our childhood is spent playing silly games such as peekaboo and tickle monster. Well, that’s what you need to do mama! The mother-child bond is different. when your child experiences your fun side too. Indulge with him and play games that are both verbal and physical. Games not only cement your emotional bonding but also allow proper brain development. Try to make the mother-baby bond stronger by playing such games.
  • Dad bonding with baby:

    There isn’t anything cuter than a father playing with his child. Dad bonding with a baby can be a tricky thing. Therefore, being a father, you need to interact with your child every chance you get. Sing to him, make him excited, repeat his cooing. This will bring you and your child close and what better a stressbuster than playing with an infant. You can also read books with your child. Keep him cuddled and read every line slowly. Although he wouldn’t understand a thing, it will definitely make him more emotionally attached to you. 

#4. Breastfeed your child:

Breastfeed your child:
  • Mother-child bond:

    Breastfeeding is one of the most intimate and wonderful ways to connect with your child. The child feels completely relaxed as it is completely surrounded by the mother’s presence and smell. This significantly improves the bond between mother and child. For mothers too, the hormones that release breast milk makes her feel relaxed. Nourishing your child is a beautiful and empowering feeling.
  • Dad bonding with baby:

    Just because your partner is breastfeeding, it doesn’t mean that you can’t help. After all, raising a child is a team effort. Once the baby is fed, you can hold him/her and help with burping. After feeding the child needs to be kept straight, so you can hold and roam around carrying him. This will allow you to get in the process of breastfeeding

These were some of the tips that will bring you closer to your child. Remember, your child is new to this huge world, therefore you need to take care of every small need of your little fella. Let them feel every emotion and enjoy the amazing experience of parenting.

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