Guide To Breast Milk Jewellery

Pregnancy and motherhood being celebrated and cherished are not a new thing, but the ways to do so have changed with the times. Women in all cultures from across the world have been known to celebrate important moments in life with ornamentation and jewellery. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see mothers having special pieces dedicated to their children or the experience of motherhood. What is new is the material being used to make this jewellery. Instead of Gold, Silver or Platinum, the latest trend for new mothers is to use their own breast milk for making it. It is a very meaningful way to commemorate this big life event, something that will become a tangible proof of your pregnancy and motherhood.

What exactly is breast milk jewellery?

Typically, an accent or a centrepiece in jewellery is the one that is made of breast milk in any mother’s milk jewellery. New mothers find the use of breast milk for this kind of jewellery to commemorate their breastfeeding period and to remember the time when their baby was just born. Although jewellery made from breast milk looks similar to pearls, opal and other semi-precious stones; the colour of breast milk jewellery may very to shades of light yellow because of the differences in your own milk supply. If you are getting the mother’s milk jewellery made from a professional, they might add some shimmery material in it to make it look even lovelier.

How is the milk for the jewellery made from breast milk preserved?

The preparation and technique can differ from professionals to breast milk jewellery DIY done at home. In the first case, you can send two tablespoons of your breast milk to the artist in an airtight container or ziplock bag. The artist will then add chemicals to preserve it and harden it to be used as a jewellery piece. However, if you are looking into breast milk jewellery DIY, then you can go directly to the step of jewellery making as soon as possible without adding the preservative chemicals.

A ring made from breast milk jewellery DIY

Breast Milk Jewellery DIY

Having jewellery made from breast milk is an incredibly personal experience and many of you might not want to share this private thing with others. Some of you may even doubt that the artists actually use your breastmilk in jewellery making rather than other stones. Whatever the reason may be, it has been found that a lot of moms prefer DIY over getting such jewellery professionally made. 

To make your own jewellery, you can either get one of the kits available online or you can follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Get rid of any bacteria in the milk by boiling it first. The amount of milk to be used depends on your choice of jewellery to make.

Step 2: The next part is to mix the resin according to the instructions on the packet of the resin or in any DIY breast milk jewellery kit. Mix it very well or it won’t set right otherwise.

Step 3: For the binding material, you can add store-bought mod podge or make it at home from glue and flour. You just need to put a couple of drops of it, preferably with the help of a dropper. 

Stop 4: Make sure that you have added any colour or shimmer that you want at this stage and the consistency of the mix is neither too watery nor too hard.

Step 5: Pour the mix into the mould of your choice. It can range from simple geometric shapes to specific designs like baby feet or tiny hearts. Make sure that there are no air bubbles inside it while setting it.

Step 6: To further protect and strengthen the hardened stone, you can put it in another clear resin layer before getting it set into a jewellery piece. Wait at least 3 days for everything to dry and harden properly before getting it made into a ring, pendant, bracelet or any other jewellery. 

Airtight plastic bags filled with breast milk to be preserved for jewellery.

Despite the sentimental value of jewellery made from breast milk, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of you might not be that keen on this idea and others might just find it strange. There are many ways to celebrate and cherish motherhood, it is your choice if you go for mother’s milk jewellery or something else. But we hope this step by step guide to breast milk jewellery can help you in adding to the beautiful journey of breastfeeding, motherhood and making the bond with your baby stronger.

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