Getting Pregnant After an Abortion

Pregnancy is a beautiful and lifetime experience. Most women dream and plan about this phase of their life while some others halt the idea of getting pregnant to wait for the right time. But, life doesn’t always move in the direction that we plan and compels us to take inconvenient decisions. Abortion is one of those decisions that you may need to take due to unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances. 

If you are planning to opt for an abortion, you might be wondering about the after-effects of it and whether or not will you be able to get pregnant again. Same questions remain up in the air for pregnancy after miscarriage. A few questions that come to the mind are: Is it easier to get pregnant after an abortion, how long after an abortion can you get pregnant, Or how to get pregnant after abortion fast? These doubts generally cross every woman’s mind who has undergone or planning to have an abortion. 

To start off, abortions are, typically, of two types:

  • Medical abortion: This type of abortion uses medication to terminate a pregnancy. This method is most effective only in the first trimester. Using medication earliest in the pregnancy improves the chances of its effectiveness. 
  • Surgical abortion: This method is used in later stages of pregnancy for successful abortion. The method involves the use of some tools for removal of the pregnancy. 

Which method a woman chooses depends upon various factors. Pregnancy after an abortion is usually completely normal and only in rare cases, it becomes complicated. We will discuss the consequences of abortion further in this article. 

What Are The Risks Involved With Abortion?

Usually, abortions are safe irrespective of whichever method you choose. 

Women thinking about the risks before taking the medicine for abortion

Medical abortion seems to be the safest as most women opt for this abortion in the early stages of pregnancies. The major risk with medical abortion may include no termination of the fetus at all and you find out later that your pregnancy has continued. Medical abortion may lead to heavy bleeding which would stop in a longer duration. You may also feel digestive discomforts for some time after the abortion. But this method does not interfere with your fertility

Surgical Abortion is required in the later stages of pregnancy where the fetus needs to be removed from the uterus. The process is done by suction and curettage. Curettage refers to the removal of tissue with a curette (a tool) from the internal wall of the uterus. The use of tools may sometimes scar the uterine wall which can cause complications in a future pregnancy. Further treatment is required in such cases before trying to conceive again.

These complications usually play a vital role in deciding how long after an abortion, can you get pregnant again.

Does This Abortion Affect Your Future Conception?

Is it easier to get pregnant after an abortion? -It is the first question that comes to mind after you decide to terminate the present pregnancy. Abortions mostly have no adverse effects on future pregnancy. Even if you want to try to conceive and have a pregnancy after miscarriage, it is completely safe. The termination of a pregnancy doesn’t put your future pregnancy at risk or complications in most cases.

Medical abortion is found to be a secure method to remove an unwanted pregnancy in its early stage or to ensure that a miscarriage is complete. A miscarriage is incomplete if the tissue from the pregnancy still remains in the uterus.

Getting pregnant after abortion becomes difficult if the surgical process injures uterine walls. Also, the surgical method requires dilation of the cervix (the lower part of the uterus), in which the cervix is stretched. If done multiple times, it may weaken the cervix, which can cause complications in future pregnancies.

In the majority of cases, pregnancy after abortion is safe and conceivable. You should proceed with abortion in the first trimester of your pregnancy to be on the safer side. Currently, in India, abortion law allows it to be performed until the 20th week of pregnancy. This might be changed soon as the amendment in the law is under consideration which will allow abortion until 24th week of pregnancy. 

How Long After An Abortion Can You Get Pregnant?

How long should you wait after an abortion before trying to conceive- it depends upon the time a woman’s body takes to ovulate after abortion. On average, women ovulate after 2 weeks of an abortion. The time length increases if the pregnancy stayed up until the second trimester before an abortion. 

Women happily looking at the pregnancy test in the hope of getting pregnant after abortion

Mainly pregnancy hormones are responsible for this delay. Women start to ovulate only after pregnancy hormones are completely removed from the body. If the abortion is done in the early stage of pregnancy, you may ovulate anytime in two weeks.

In case if you are wondering about how to get pregnant after abortion fast, you should consult your doctor for the best advice. Ideally, doctors recommend that you should wait for at least 2 weeks before having sex in order to prevent the chances of infections. Your body should be clear of previous pregnancy completely before you try to conceive again. 

When Do You Get Correct Pregnancy Test Result After The Abortion?

Till the time there are remains of hormones from a previous pregnancy, your test results will come out to be falsely positive. If you are trying to get pregnant after waiting for 2 weeks and your results are positive, you may want to consider seeing a doctor to confirm your pregnancy.

A pregnancy test result usually gives an accurate result typically after 2 or 3 weeks of the abortion. It is always advisable that you get the confirmation from the doctor instead of relying upon the test result or just early signs of pregnancy.

It is always safe to consult with your doctor before and after you have an abortion for certainty.

After going through every factor, you may consider getting pregnant soon after abortion by taking certain measures and waiting for a certain period of time to avoid infection and other complications.

Abortion and getting pregnant after the abortion are important decisions taken by both you and your partner. Such crucial decisions should be made with consents of both. The guilty feeling of abortion may hit a woman after the process, and a spouse should provide her with emotional support to help her overcome such emotional turmoil.

Partners consoling each other before deciding for pregnancy after an abortion

You and your husband should seek each other’s support in this process so that you can build a foundation for future decisions of getting pregnant. Overcoming grievous feelings before next pregnancy is critical to be able to cherish the joy of motherhood in its fullest. Endure this time together and take time to strengthen your relationship before you step into the decision of extending your family.

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