First Trimester Checklist

It is a happy time, now that you have found out that you’re pregnant. Taking a pregnancy test is just the start of the adventure called motherhood. The coming 9 months of your pregnancy will be both wondrous and overwhelming. And before the other symptoms of pregnancy start to appear, you need to be prepared for the coming trimester. You may have already started to observe some of the first trimester symptoms and that is why it’s high time you get ready and plan for everything. But don’t worry, because we are here to help you with this. Here is a checklist of things that you should start doing as you enter the first trimester:

1. Schedule a visit to your doctor’s

When you look at the positive sign on the pregnancy test, things are not the same as before. It is best to book an appointment with your gynaecologist as soon as possible. Not only you can get another confirmation of your pregnancy there, but the doctor will also tell you all that you need to know about pregnancy.

Gynaecologists are the doctors to see for first trimester care information.

2. Take prenatal vitamins

Now that you are also responsible for your baby’s development, keep in mind that there will be some added nutritional needs. Doctors usually prescribe prenatal vitamins is these needs are not being fulfilled by your diet. So check in with your doctor regarding this in any of your regular appointments.

3. Look into online pregnancy classes

While the first trimester might seem too early to join any pregnancy classes, you can still look into them and find more about them. It is better to know what happens in the actual birthing process and know what to expect when the time comes. Pregnancy classes cover a lot of topics including natural birth, partner’s classes, supporting your pregnant wife, breastfeeding etc. 

4. Eat these foods

The right foods to eat in pregnancy are very important. Not only do you need extra vitamins, minerals, proteins and plenty of other nutrients, but you also need food to sustain your energy. An early pregnancy diet should include green leafy vegetables, beans, pulses, citrus fruits, cooked chicken and beef etc. 

Early pregnancy diet needs to be well balanced and nutritious like this.

5. Foods you should avoid

In contrast to the point above, there are also certain foods to avoid in pregnancy. These may cause harm to you or your baby in many ways. Such foods include raw/ uncooked meats, seafood with high mercury content, cheese made from unpasteurized milk and any other foods you don’t know the origins and hygiene levels. 

6. Change your coffee habits

Some of you may not be able to start their day without coffee but this might have to change in pregnancy. Researches state too much caffeine can cause low birth weight, premature birth or birth defects in your baby. Not only this, but caffeine can also affect your appetite and hydration. Even if one cup of mild coffee is fine in pregnancy, try to drink fresh juices, water, lemonade or something more healthy instead of caffeine

7. Join a prenatal exercise class

Your body changes during with gaining weight and the centre of gravity also change. The muscles and ligaments that support you bump the most are called the pelvic floor. The added stress that they experience can cause backaches too. To reduce such pains, you should join a prenatal or pelvic floor exercise class.

8. Make a morning sickness kit

While there are a few remedies for morning sickness, you still can’t fully prevent it. The better option is to prepare a morning sickness kit that comes in handy when you vomit or feel nauseous. Keep morning sickness medications, some breath mints or mouth fresheners, snacks, tissues and hair ties in that kit at all times.

9. Buy stretch marks cream

As your bump grows bigger through the months of pregnancy, stretch marks will start to appear on your stomach, hips and even on your breasts. You can start using stretch marks cream as a part of your first trimester care.

10. Adjust your sleep routine

Your sleep routine in pregnancy might become a bit troubled as you try to be comfortable in your own changing body. Pregnancy pillows are a great help in this. Make adjustments to your sleep routine so that you can take naps during the day too. This way, you can be well-rested and energetic every day to deal with other first trimester symptoms.

11. Start a pregnancy journal

It is important to keep track of your pregnancy. This activity is not just for your doctor, but for you too. You can write what you feel as your pregnancy progresses, put in photographs and ultrasound copies as well. A pregnancy journal can hold a lot of sentimental value as you look back on it after childbirth.

Pregnancy journals keep you occupied and are lovely to look back on.

12. Prepare your home

There are a lot of small things we don’t think of in daily life that suddenly come into focus once you are pregnant. You will start to get tired more easily later in pregnancy, so make sure that your house is decluttered and arranged in a way that will be less stressful for you physically and emotionally. Important things kept in the top shelves or in the bottom shelves, needing to go up and down the stairs multiple times a day and many other things like that will cause you discomfort later on. Find the solutions to the in the first trimester.

13. Plan your maternity dates and leaves

With the help of your doctor, get to know about your due date and the time from where you might have to take maternity leaves. Plan and ask for maternity leaves well in advance so that neither you nor your work suffers.

14. Manage your finances better

Babies and parenthood come with their set of financial needs. Since another member is joining the family, you need to alter your family finances to incorporate him or her too. Another important point in the pregnancy checklist is to reduce some unnecessary expenditures to put that money into your baby budget.

All of these tips in the pregnancy checklist will come in handy once you start to experience the first trimester symptoms and then on at many different times throughout your pregnancy. When you plan and prepare for all the important things in your life, it makes sense to do the same for the most crucial one as well. Make the most of this memorable time and let yourself be more excited and ready than nervous Mommy!

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