Effects Of Coronavirus On Pregnancy

Pregnancy weakens the immune system of your body and demands extreme care and precaution. With the spread of outrageous Coronavirus, the risk seems to be increased for pregnant women, moms of newborns and newborns themselves. The current outbreak of Coronavirus has posed a threat to everyone. Researchers are perplexed with the limited information that they could muster.

There is little information available regarding the connection between Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and pregnancy. But we all have a general knowledge of this epidemic. The susceptibility of pregnant women to Coronavirus is lucid because their body’s immune system is already frail due to the need for catering to two bodies. But studying all the cases of the infection, we can at least conclude that Coronavirus does not foist serious threat to a pregnant woman’s health.

The risk is higher for people who are already suffering from serious flu infections or respiratory issues. Due to the lack of inputs from experts regarding COVID-19 and pregnancy, we are still unsure how dangerous Coronavirus can be for pregnant women. The number of women who have been affected by COVID-19 disease is very less. And the impact of the disease on these pregnant women has not been reported to be very severe or fatal.

Your panic for Coronavirus is completely understandable, but you need not worry too much. Your primary goal should be taking precautions and refrain from getting any flu infections. Here’re our tips for you to protect your child and yourself from this infestation.

Maintain Hygiene

Maintain Hygiene

The topic of Coronavirus and pregnancy is not much addressed yet. But we are sure about one thing, and that is if you maintain the basics of hygiene and cleanliness, you are ready to push back the virus. It’s the time when you act all germaphobe & neatnik and nobody is going to tease you about that. Better hygiene ensures lesser chances of Coronavirus hanging around in your house. So keep your house clean and sterilize it from time to time. Wash your hands at regular intervals. 

If you are a mother of a newborn, make sure not to touch your baby without sanitizing your hands. Keep a sanitizer for your guests and visitors or have them wash their hands right after entering your home. Remember that safety matters the most this time.

Change and wash bed sheets and pillow covers on a regular basis. Clean the surfaces which are touched the most like doorknobs, TV remote, AC remote, etc. Open windows and let the sun rays in. Studies show that these viruses cannot survive a temperature above 27 degrees.

Boil Water

It’s better to disinfect water before drinking it. Even though you use a water purifier to clean the water, you must boil and filter the water to remove the possible presence of viruses. Boil the water and let it cool down and use it for drinking and cooking.

Avoid Eating Outside

Put your cravings to rest for some time now. The items cooked outside of your home may or may not be as uncontaminated as the food cooked in your own kitchen. Any person infected by the virus might have touched the dish and you may catch the infection just like that. You should be extra mindful and abstain from eating anything that you may be unsure of. Precaution is the only answer to your concerns about Coronavirus and pregnancy.

Avoid Eating Outside

Stay Away from Diseased

This advice definitely sounds impolite, but it is only for good. If you by any chance catch serious flu infections, the risk of getting Coronavirus will increase. Anyone in the family or your close proximity is if carrying the COVID-19 disease, the odds are high of you or your baby getting the infection from them. Whether you are pregnant or a new mom, your baby is directly affected by you. The more you stay away from infected people, the easier it will be for you to protect your baby from this dangerous virus. There is certainly a reason why all the victims of COVID-19 are being quarantined.

Wash Vegetable & Fruits With Warm Water

Remember to wash all the vegetables and fruits with warm water as soon as you bring them in. The warm water will most probably kill the virus (if there’s any). The vegetables and fruits were exposed to the outside world before you bought them and the virus might be residing on them. Thus, you should always make sure to wash them. And also, don’t forget to wash your hands after that. 

Wash Vegetable & Fruits With Warm Water

The researchers need to study more about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and pregnancy. For now, along with the precautions mentioned above, you must work towards strengthening your immune system. Please take all the measures that you need to take to improve your immune system and make it able to fight the viruses. You must drink milk with turmeric as it improves your immune system. Eat healthily and do a little bit of exercise or yoga every day. Stay safe, stay happy!

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