Dressing For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is amongst the greatest joys for women all over the world. While we agree that it can often be exhausting for most expecting women but maternity fashion is what comes as a breath of fresh air. With an understanding that every woman is different with an altogether different choice in fashion, we share with you our take on maternity fashion. But before we start, here’s a little tip just for you- Always remember to dress up for yourself!

Ideally, looking for a comfortable pair of clothes should be your first choice but who said comfortable can’t be fabulous! Read further and take notes on how you can take your fashion game a notch higher.

Jumpsuits: Trendy, chic and comfortable jumpsuits are perfect for all occasions. A game changer in the fashion world, one can never go wrong with this style. Rock your baby bump in this plush choice of outfit and be that stylish mom to be that steals the show away.

Dresses & Maxis: You can never go wrong with this simple and successful choice of fashion. Minimal and easy dresses are the must have in your maternity wardrobe. You can rock this look by experimenting with your shoes, accessories, and hair. Also, for a casual and chic look, you can always add a denim jacket or a pullover just to add that extra zeal to your look.

Bright colours, comfy sweaters, denim jumpsuits and beautiful dresses are popular trends in maternity styling

Cardigans, Pullovers & Jackets: The extra blood flow during pregnancy can boost your metabolism making you less likely cold than others. But at the end of the day, everybody enjoys the feeling of a good snug. Cardigans, Pullovers & Jackets can not only make you feel warm but might also be the cure to your insecurities about your body.

Yoga Pants: Perhaps the most comfortable choice of outfit for women during pregnancy, yoga pants can become your all-time favorites. Flexible with your choice of shoes, accessories and dress or tops, yoga pants are surely the fashion saviors in the world of today.

Fitted Tops & Skinny Jeans: While many of you would think that fitted tops and skinny jeans are not a good idea and may feel insecure about their body and weight. But here’s a little maternity fashion advice, wearing clothes 2 sizes bigger will only make you look heavier and swelled but a fitted top and skinny jeans might give you a boost of style and confidence.

Coming to your choice of shoes and accessories, ditching your high heels and stilettos might be a good idea as your feet have the tendency to swell up and hurt. While we suggest shoes and cute sandals you can also opt for flats or bellies to pump up your maternity look. Accessorizing is never a bad idea but keeping it minimal and comfortable may be the key to your ultimate mom to be look. A watch, good pair of earrings and a not too heavy bag to complete your look should be your aim. And for more maternity looks you can always find your inspiration from divas like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Soha Ali Khan who have not only managed to rock their maternity look but also set bars high for all the mothers to be.

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