Does Music Influence Babies In The Womb?

When you are carrying a child, you make sure that nothing affects her/ him adversely. Mothers take very good care of their children and want to make sure that even their unborn child is somehow exposed to the nicest of things only. This includes pollution-free environments, happy energy around them, talking to their bump and even playing nice music.

In fact, many pregnant women around the world find comfort in nice music when they feel down, experience hormonal mood swings or struggling with some pregnancy changes. But is the music for baby in the womb really effective? Does it help or has a positive influence on your baby?

Effect of music during pregnancy

While there is hardly any concrete scientific evidence of music factoring in in baby’s growth and development, a lot of speculation and studies have been present constantly. Whether or no fetal development in pregnancy is influenced by music, we will discuss further in detail later. What we do know for sure that good music or the music of your choice helps a lot in relaxing you. Music has long been known as a stress-buster and it is no different in pregnancy.

Listening music during pregnancy relieving stress

Out of all the pregnancy hacks that you might have heard, people often underestimate the effect of listening to music. Here are some simple yet brilliant ways in which music during pregnancy helps you:

  • It is soothing and helps in uplifting your mood when you are struggling.
  • Music is often a very helpful part of pregnant women’s sleep routines along with other things that aid sleep.
  • The positive feelings that you have listening to music during pregnancy build an association and bond with your unborn baby.
  • Your stress and anxiety levels can be reduced with music, thus it may also reduce any stress-induced medical problems like headaches, high blood pressure etc.

After getting to know the positive effects that music has on you, let’s take a look at how it influences your unborn child.

Music for baby in the womb

Your unborn baby’s development in around week 20 is the time when his/ her auditory senses start to function. Although your child can’t hear or comprehend properly, they do get some vibrations and feel of the sound outside. Therefore, music for baby in the womb can the following effects:

1. Baby Reflexes

Babies inside the womb experience vibrations of the music around them outside the womb. They react to it and often even move to the beats that they feel. This not only helps with the promotion of overall body movement of your unborn baby, but it also develops sharper reflexes and response to stimuli in them.

Unborn baby dancing inside womb
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2. Baby’s Hearing

Some fetal development during pregnancy is also positively influenced when your unborn baby is exposed to music. Music during pregnancy enhances your baby’s concentration, listening skills and senses. While it is obvious that they cannot understand the music, you may be surprised to find they gradually start to recognise repeated music. Reacting to and recognising music is a form of mental stimulation for your baby that further help brain development.

3. Lullaby After Birth

It has been greatly speculated whether your baby remembers sounds from when he/ she was still inside your womb. Women often talk to their babies so that they recognise their voices after birth. Similarly, babies often recognise music from before. So if you play soothing songs, lullabies and other calm music while pregnant, chances are that your baby will recognise and love that music after he/ she is born. They can work as excellent lullabies to put your baby to sleep.

Mother putting baby sleep with help of lullabies

4. Baby’ Personality

The different kinds of surroundings and environments that an individual is exposed to influences their personality. The same can be said for your unborn baby and the type of music you expose him/ her to. If you listen to soft and soothing music in pregnancy, your baby is likely to have a calm personality. On the other hand, if you listen to loud and shocking music in pregnancy, your baby might develop an anxious or aggressive personality. While the above-mentioned points are not based on concrete scientific proof, it is still better not to shower your baby with positive vibes from the nicer music.

For all the good influences of music during pregnancy, there are still concerns that mothers have about music for baby in the womb.

How much music should your unborn child experience?

One of the most important pregnancy tips there is that too much of anything is also bad. This applies to music during pregnancy as much as it applies to foods to eat in pregnancy or prenatal exercises. Make sure you don’t overdo and expose your baby to music all the time. He/ she needs to relax and maintain natural sleep patterns, constant music hinders that. Sleep is the time when your baby’s brain and body parts develop the fastest.

Pregnant woman pregnancy tip putting headphones belly.

You may be confused about how to get the music to reach your baby inside. One of the pregnancy tips that come in handy at this time is to place headphones on your belly rather than playing too loud music in the whole room. Your baby can feel the vibrations and beats through the placenta and is capable of experience even low volume music this way.

Choose the music that you feel is best for your baby and make your pregnancy more happy and melodious!

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