Can Pregnant Women Fast In Navratri?

Navratri in India is the time for worship, prayers, dandiya, and religious fasting. With all the colorful festivities and rituals abound, you often take the fasting in stride along with them. But if you are pregnant during this time, fasting needs to be approached with a bit more caution. Navratri fast in pregnancy does not just affect you, it also affects the nourishment that your unborn child receives. 

Is Navratri fast in pregnancy healthy?

Despite Navratri fasts being pretty flexible in nature, there is no denying that the quality of nutritious intake is affected at this time even when you are not left feeling hungry. 

What happens in the first-trimester especially affects your baby a lot, so doing such fast in that time is warned off. The rate of early pregnancy miscarriage and complications are higher instead of in the later trimesters. Here are a few tips regarding fasting and pregnancy that you should take into consideration for all the trimesters:

  1. Clear it with your doctor

    The best thing to do in such situations is to consult with your doctor about it. He/she will make the decision based on your condition, any risk factors involved and what will you be able to eat even in the fast. If they say no, understand that you and your baby’s health take priority here.
  2. Make sure you’re hydrated

    You may not know it but dehydration can be a cause for pre-term labour or could lead to hardening of your tummy. Doing stricter fasts in Navratri is risky because they can easily cause dehydration in you. Make sure that you are drinking enough water, fresh fruit juices, coconut water etc in these days.
  3. Don’t overexert, rest well

    Fasting while pregnant means that you have needs for double energy while actually getting half of the nutrition. That is why you need to have an adequate amount of rest and sleep, not just during the night either. Don’t stand for long periods of time, take day-time naps and conserve your energy.
    Women eating healthy food as she is fasting while pregnant 
  4. Eat healthy when you can

    Although you cannot eat everything that you usually do, try to eat as healthy as you can that one time that you break the fast. Keep eating fruits and Falahar during the day so that you don’t suffer from low blood sugar. If possible, get your doctor to alter your pregnancy diet plan to accommodate this Navratri fasting. This way, you will not miss out on either the ritual or nutrition.
  5. Be vigilant about warning signs

    Be on the look-out for any red flags or warning signs that indicate that your health is declining due to the fasting. The most common signs of trouble to look out for are weight loss, dizziness, headaches, and even fever. Visit your doctor as soon as you start feeling any of the above symptoms.

It is often believed that pregnant women should not fast because it hinders the nutrition required of the growing child inside their belly. But you can simply tackle the effects of fasting during pregnancy with the above tips and the help of your doctor. Enjoy the festivities without worries and have a Happy Navratri!

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