Can A Gum Infection Harm Your Baby?

Of all the things that you expect from pregnancy, there are rarely people who expect to have gum problems. And even less who have questions about whether gum problems during pregnancy can affect your baby’s development. Despite all the pregnancy myths and facts that you might have heard, there are not many people that talk about dental problems during pregnancy. But you will be surprised to know that as many as 70% of women find out the painful association between gum infections and pregnancy through the first-hand experience.

Pregnancy gingivitis and other periodontal diseases happen quite often due to hormonal changes in your body in these months.

Gum Infections And Pregnancy

The link between pregnancy and oral health has been and is still studied by various researchers, finding some conclusive facts. While some say that there is no link between complications and gum problems during pregnancy, others have found a definitive correlation between premature birth of babies and your oral health. In some parts of South Africa specifically, studies have shown that women with periodontal diseases deliver preterm babies who are also underweight. The details of the study focus on a protein called cytokines that regulates inflammation in the body but having a periodontal disease hinder that, ultimately leading to inflammation and preterm labour.

Woman getting treatment for dental problems during pregnancy.

Reducing Gum Disease Risks In Pregnancy

After reading that, many of you may worry about the immune system and the inner workings of your body that can’t be controlled. But it is not something to worry too much about. Similar to how you discuss all the symptoms of pregnancy with your doctor in regular check-ups, you should also get even the smallest signs of gum risks in pregnancy with your dentist. The earlier any gum problems during pregnancy are diagnosed, the less chance there is of it affecting your baby. If you are planning to get pregnant or have just gotten pregnant, inform your dentist so that they can make sure that your pregnancy and oral health are not at odds with each other.

Gum infections and pregnancy can be tricky as you already deal with a lot during this time. From weight gain, morning sickness, skin changes to finding the right foods to eat; there is a lot on your plate, and relatively minor things like bleeding gums are easy to ignore in the face of seemingly bigger troubles. Make sure that you don’t do that! As your doctor may have already stressed before, every change in your body during pregnancy happens for a reason and even the slightest odd symptoms or discomfort should be brought to their attention. When you make a schedule for your regular medical appointments, also add a dentist’s visit to that calendar so that you don’t forget it.

Woman taking care of pregnancy and oral health

The journey of motherhood is riddled with many ups and downs, gum disease risks in pregnancy also being a part of it. Although not all studies show the same results in regards to the relation between gum infections and pregnancy, as a mom-to-be you want to be cautious. To want the best for your baby is only natural and not an exaggerated reaction. When you nurture and take care of your baby so well in all the other ways, why not this too?

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