Best Ideas to announce a pregnancy

Couples wishing to start a family are always eager to hear the exciting news “I’m pregnant” Having a child, after all, is a bliss that strengthens your relationship. It, of course, changes both your lives for good. Being pregnant is the sort of news that is as big a deal to your dear ones as it is to you. So, let’s discuss some ways to announce pregnancy

This is big news and you need to share it in a significantly exciting manner. Want some suggestions? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have some of the best ways to announce pregnancy listed for you. From etiquette advisories to heartwarmingly cute pregnancy announcement ideas to announcing pregnancy on social media, we have listed up on all the beautiful pregnancy ideas. Whether you want a low-key formal idea or you want a scream out with joy idea, you will find just-perfect ideas to choose from.

But first, you need to know when to actually tell your family and friends that you are gonna be a mommy!

When is it safe to announce your pregnancy?

Okay, so first things first, there is no wrong time to tell the world about your pregnancy. There are many doctors who clarify that after completion of the first trimester, the risks of miscarriage are significantly low. So 12 to 14 weeks is the best time to let the news out. Obviously, everyone has their own way to announce pregnancy using some cute pregnancy ideas to their close ones. Most couples prefer a slower roll-out like they don’t feel like telling their best friend and their boss at the same time. So, it mostly depends upon you, when you want the good news out. 

How to announce that you’re pregnant?

Most people generally follow a sequence to tell the good news but you can certainly be as open or confined as you want. But make sure you don’t get too excited and go wild on Instagram before telling the ones that are really waiting for it. Let’s categorize a bit. 

Tell your partner instantly

Don’t wait to tell your partner. Most probably, you two are going to find out together. But still, if you know it first, let him know instantly. 

Tell your close circle first

Don’t let your parents wait too long and make sure you tell them yourself. They are going to be more excited than you are. So let them get the news from you and not your social media.

Keep in mind your audience.

A large number of pregnancy announcement ideas we have shared are ways to announce pregnancy on social media. But as long as your pregnancy is kept private, make it as fun or silly as you wish. Keep it quiet in your office until you let your boss know, share it with your work friend and rest will all know it by good old-fashioned word of mouth. 

Classic ideas to announce pregnancy to your family

There are a lot of ways to announce pregnancy when it comes to your parents and family. You can tell them in person, or let them be a part of this happy news on phone call. Although emails are old-fashioned today, still you can always try some cute pregnancy announcement ideas on email.

Now, let’s get straight to the top 15 pregnancy announcement ideas.

When it’s time to tell your husband

1. Want to let your hubby know about it. Put a t-shirt on the bed while he’s in the shower and wears yours. Give him this cute surprise when he comes out.

2. Put this label on a sparkling fruit juice and pour him a glass. When he realizes it’s not champagne, he will reach out for the label, and boom that’s going to be the cutest news for him.

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Give your parents/in-laws the good news

3. Handwritten notes are already a thrilling trend, but having a note announcing the pregnancy, well that’s beyond words. Get a perfect plain or glitter stationery to announce your parent’s promotion.

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4. This t-shirt is going to be perfect for your young-at-heart dad. Give him this cool t-shirt and watch his eyes light up.

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5. Surprise your in-laws with these fab coffee mugs and get them all pumped up for the big celebration.

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Some second child ideas

6. Having your second child. Well here’s a cool idea. Let your son/daughter hold a note or sonogram saying that they are gonna have a younger sibling soon.

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7. This tiny tot is letting the world know about her title change.

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8. Onesies are the universal sign for a child on the way.

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9. Onesies announcing a pregnancy is the most adorable thing. Let them know the dates too, by putting up a calendar.

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Let the celebrations roll

10. There is nothing more delightful than tiny baby shoes. Click a picture announcing that they are gonna be soon put in use.

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11. Going to have a baby girl. Well, what more exciting to put up baby girl dress and click it with the sonogram you just received.

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12. Want to tell your Instagram fam, click a beautiful picture with balloons saying baby, and that instantly becomes the best feed for everyone.

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How about some fun ideas?

13. Are you a fan of cinema, well what better idea to announce your pregnancy than creating a film poster. Add up all the elements to make it more exciting.

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14. Some of the funniest pregnancy disclosure offers a fresh perspective over any normal surroundings, which is exactly what happens when a baby joins your family. Fill the grocery cart with diapers, baby foods and books related to them.

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15. Having twins. Well, let your eldest child do the announcing. There is nothing cuter than a child announcing the pregnancy.

Well, here you have the top 15 ideas to announce your pregnancy. Try to be funny and cheerful regarding the announcement. Don’t get too occupied or worried about the announcements as you are going to be a mother now. If you don’t feel like announcing it publically, keep it personal, no one’s forcing you to tell everyone. Keep it within your inner circle. Make sure you talk to all your family members and friends personally, this will make them feel valued. Happy parenting!

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