About Us

The First Kick is an online motherhood and parenting community helping you through every milestone and development of your child’s life. As most new parents do, you will also have a number of questions and doubts. We are here to give you credible information, advice and good reading content.

When you are wondering about what foods can you eat while being pregnant or whether that advice your friend gave you about parenting is correct, you can come to us. Explore your pregnancy and the journey of raising your children with a little extra help from us.

With this community, you can connect to other moms like you, women with whom you can interact with, confide in and become friends with. Our portal reaches out to wider audiences without any barriers, available to everyone who is interested in it. We welcome you to be more active participants of this community by collaborating with us in a number of ways that are possible.


The First Kick is an online maternity community that aims to bring all mothers under one umbrella, by providing a one-stop solution to know everything about pregnancy and parenting. With our continuously growing and evolving online platforms, we wish to see the Moms of First Kick along with their children to be happier and healthier.