A Letter To Self

To my 25-year-old self,

“Life is unpredictable” and as I write this today, I hope you may have already experienced it to learn the same. With a million emotions and a zillion thoughts that may run in your mind creating chaos, here’s my little piece of advice to you on it – “Calm down, Get Up and Do It!”

Knowing you at closer and a personal front, I can blindly put a bet on the level of curiosity you may be having about the future! But believe me, as I say this, you’re going to do wonders with your life! And before you even doubt it, I suggest you take a look at yourself in the mirror and see what an amazing and beautiful woman you’ve evolved into!

Yes! It sure is frustrating to see things taking time and plans going in vain but hey you’re going to get there! You’re going to get that dream job, be married to your prince charming and have the most incredible babies in the world. But before you make it there, remember to make the most of your journey because it only comes down to these little stories that you create knowingly or unknowingly later to be shared with your dear and little ones.

Soon it will be about time when your life will take a new turn with you exploring and experiencing new emotions, relationships, and responsibilities. But before you take your leap of faith I want you to remember that change never comes easy. There are going to be times when you’ll find yourself losing patience, belief, and courage but even in the worst of times always remember to keep your head high, your will strong and fight like the fighter you are!

On your journey of life, you will experience many emotions and kinds of love but there will be one and only one love that will overpower all being the love you feel for your children. I can fondly recall mom saying that “motherhood is amongst the greatest joys a woman experiences in her life and that it’s more than just a journey of giving birth; it’s an emotion”.

Mom holding his newborn in her hands

Memories are special and some go on to last forever. One such memory that I believe you will go on cherish all your life will be treasured and celebrated by your children. Reminiscing about the days of childhood I recall how as a kid there was no one you would rather look up to than mom because you believed that she was no doctor but a superwoman who had been gifted superpowers to save the lives of people in her white coat. While mom successfully created an idol image of a woman for you, it comes down to you to do the same and be that woman your children look up to!

Woman! Life is tough and full of lessons. But remember to not take it too hard on yourself! You’re a warrior and only if I could show you there’s a happily ever after waiting just for you!

Truly yours,
Your future self

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