A Letter To Another Mother


Has the feeling sunk in? Are you getting comfortable? I am sure that you are planning to flaunt your bump with great maternity fashion and enjoying every moment of it.

While you are discovering the joys of pregnancy and all the meaningful experiences that come with it, I know it’s not sunshine all the time. Sometimes you may be confused, worried and anxious. You may even be second-guessing, but there is no need to do so. Always remember, you are a powerful individual who is bringing another human into this world, it is something that you should be proud of. Motherhood is a blessing, a beautiful journey that not only brings a baby into this world but will also evolve you as a person. You will be more beautiful and strong after this.

I understand that you must be stressed sometimes, overwhelmed by everyone’s advice and with the changes in your body, these are all a part of the package along with your baby. This is the time to pamper yourself, buy loose fitting clothes and shoes for your maternity wardrobe. You will also crave sour foods or ice-creams and want things to go your way. You may get upset easily and sometimes you won’t even understand what you are feeling. Don’t worry, these things will pass. Finding your rhythm again after pregnancy will not take long and soon you will find yourself fitting into your favourite clothes.

There will be hard times certainly, but this baby that you are nurturing is worth it all. So take it easy, rest your mind and body as much as you can now because once the baby is born, your sleeping schedule might change. Nine months seem long now, but the days will fly away without you even realizing. Things will be different very soon and then you will be wishing to have this time back. So hang in there and take each day as it comes. Keep up the positivity for the benefit of both, you and the baby.

During this time when you need to know something, when you are looking for support, when you want to complain and when you want someone to just be there, know that I am here for you. I’ll be your Doula, your partner in pregnancy. So tell me your worries, seek help, confide with me all of your problems and I will help you out. I want the best for you and your baby, and I will be involved in this journey from start to finish.

Mom Of First Kick

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