9 Important Pregnancy Care Tips During Monsoon

Monsoon is considered the season of rains, lovely weather, hot tea and the time for greenery to pop out everywhere. You might have loved this season, but pregnancy can be a bit difficult or uncomfortable time in the rainy season. The humidity can be really irritating when you are already handling mood swings and wet surfaces can often be dangerous in this delicate time period. For a healthy pregnancy in monsoon, take into consideration, the following pregnancy care tips:

1. Always stay hydrated

The humidity in the monsoon air often deceives your body into thinking that you have enough fluids and reducing your thirst for more water. Dehydration is surprisingly common in pregnant during this time, later accompanied by dizziness and morning sickness symptoms. All combined together make for a very unpleasant experience in monsoon pregnancy. Make sure that you drink water, fresh juices, coconut water and other hydrating drinks.

2. Stick to well-balanced diets

The rainy season brings a lot of diseases and infections. You are already sensitive and more prone to getting sick in pregnancy along with lower immunity. With these odds against you, it is very important to eat correct foods in pregnancy.

3. Choose weather-appropriate wardrobe

This weather calls for clothes that easily absorb excessive sweat generated from humidity and can dry easily in case you are caught in the rain. Monsoon maternity clothes need to be breathable and comfortable to avoid undue stress to both your body and your mood. It is best to avoid synthetic fabrics to prevent any rashes.

Monsoon maternity clothing

4. Avoid street food or outside food

You might crave some mouth-watering street foods in monsoon but put that thought on hold. It is exactly the food categorized under ‘what not to eat in pregnancy’. While avoiding outside food as much as possible is a general rule for a healthy pregnancy, it is even more important to follow this in monsoon. You don’t know whether the set-up is hygienic, what their source of water is and how stale it might be.

5. Maintain hygiene around you

It is the season when disease-carrying insects and pathogens flourish everywhere, thus a time to be more cautious in keeping your immediate environment clean. Maintaining hygiene in pregnancy at your house and place of work is essential. Wash your hands before cooking or eating, take the proper doctor-approved medication in case you are feeling sick and protect yourself from exposure to other illnesses.

6. Beware of mosquitoes

It is well known that rainy season is also the season for mosquito invasions in and outside of your home. Not only do mosquitoes spread diseases, but their stings are often quite irritating and painful. Make sure that you have mosquito repellent sprays and nets in place to protect yourself. Maintain general hygiene in pregnancy and do not let any water get collected in containers around you.

Healthy pregnancy use mosquito insect repellents

7. Wear correct footwear

If you are in the first trimester of pregnancy or early stages of it, you might be very active and still going to work. To be safe and comfortable in your everyday movements, be sure to use footwear that has a strong grip on the ground. Make sure that your monsoon maternity clothes are paired with the right footwear that is rubber-soled, isn’t slippery and supportive to your changing centre of gravity.

8. Have disinfectant baths

Even after you take care to make your surroundings very clean and hygienic, it is difficult to completely escape any kind of germs in monsoon. So as an added safety measure, have a disinfectant bath once a day to minimize the chances for any microbes or pathogens to infect you. You can either use commercial antibacterial baths like Dettol or use home remedies like Neem leaves in warm water to disinfect. Both methods are effective and safe during pregnancy.

9. Be prepared for the weather

Another one of our pregnancy care tips for a monsoon pregnancy is to be prepared for everything beforehand. It is better to be overboard in preparation is far better than suffering the consequences of no preparation at all. The weather can often be unpredictable and that itself can be dangerous for you in pregnancy. Make sure to have an umbrella, your phone is charged, your wallet is there and you have some light snack at hand whenever you step out of the house.

Monsoon pregnancy carry umbrella

Knowing what not to eat in pregnancy or what types of clothes to wear might seem too much but it is meant for your own safety and health. Being extra careful with your own and your baby’s health is essential. So even if you feel like dancing and having some fun in the rain, think twice before doing anything like that.

Having some restrictions in monsoon pregnancy by no way means that you can’t still enjoy this season. You just have to find safer ways to do so, go on long drives, listen to Monsoon playlists, enjoy healthy but tasty foods and just breathe in the earthy smell of the rains!

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