8 Ways To Tackle Back Pain In Third Trimester

When you enter the last trimester of pregnancy, you have already crossed the hurdles of all the early symptoms of pregnancy, the effects of hormonal changes and have gotten accustomed to just how much your body changes during pregnancy. Yet this is not the culmination of this journey of motherhood and there is still a lot to look forward to in this last trimester. 

You might have tackled a different set of issues now and the third trimester symptoms that are coming as the weeks go by. Back pain during the third trimester is especially problematic for a lot of moms-to-be. The growing size of your bump, among other things, is the main cause of this back ache that you experience as your centre of gravity shifts. While in the early trimesters of pregnancy, it is the hormonal changes that cause such aches, back pain during the third trimester can also be caused due to the upcoming labour.

Now that you understand the main reasons for back pain during pregnancy, here are some of the best tried and tested remedies to relieve you of this:

1. Have a good posture

As the centre of gravity shifts with your steadily growing bump, you would usually shift your posture by leaning back to compensate for it. This generally adds up to the multiple reasons why your back aches during the third trimester. Take a look at the following ways to tackle back pain in third trimester-

  • Try to stand straight and tall as much as possible.
  • Make sure that your shoulders and back are relaxed in everyday life.
  • Take deep breaths and keep your chest high, and not curled inwards.
  • Locking your knees can add to the discomfort, don’t do that.

2. Do prenatal exercises

Prenatal exercises and yoga can be a lot helpful in easing your back third trimester symptoms, especially back pains. Pregnancy yoga is based on movement and flexibility, naturally helping you with body aches in pregnancy. Stretching, walking and regular physical activities keep your back muscles strong and help you in being active even in the third trimester. Be sure to consult an expert in prenatal exercises and undertake all the pregnancy care tips before practising them.

Pregnant woman exercise reduce back pain third trimster

3. Change sleeping position

Sleep routines in pregnancy are severely disturbed and that can continue till after birth as well. You need to devise a sleep routine that suits you best with all the things that can aid your sleep and prevent further back pain during third trimester. Try to have naps during the day with pillows that support your tummy and back in a stable way. Usually s-shaped, pregnancy pillows are especially nice for this task without being needed to adjust too much. A good rest is one of the easiest ways to tackle back pain in third trimester and have a healthy pregnancy.

4. Get pregnancy massages

Your muscles often clench and cause discomfort to the nerves in many areas of the body. Third trimester symptoms like aches in back, hips and legs are common due to this. Having prenatal or pregnancy massages by expert therapists can give you a lot of relief from the pain. Ensure that the person is qualified and experienced in massaging pregnant women so that no undue harm can be caused to either you or your baby.

5. Try swimming

One of the most popularly recommended forms of exercises for pregnant women or women in their third trimester, swimming is a great way to take the pressure of your spine. The buoyancy or weightlessness that you experience in the water is very relaxing for the body and lets off the tension in your muscles. You will realise that it is not just the right diets during pregnancy that influence your health, physical activities like swimming also play a large role in it.

Pregnant woman in pool reduce pregnancy backaches

6. Use correct shoes

One of the pregnancy care tips that you should follow at the earliest is to not wear high -heeled shoes as you progress in these nine months. No matter what your maternity fashion dictates, wearing shoes that are not comfortable is only going to add to your back pain during third trimester. Not only do correct footwear keep your balance, but they also dictate how much pressure your back and spine suffer through when you stand. Your foot size often changes due to swellings and you have to make sure that the footwear you are wearing accommodates that.

7. Go for maternity belts

You can easily find the right maternity belt for your bump online. The purpose of a maternity belt is to support your baby bump and relive some of the pressure from your back due to the growing weight of your baby. The belt acts as a supportive addition to your abdominal core muscles that carry your belly in pregnancy. It is good to take help when you need it!

8. Relax and unwind

Pregnancy, when you get closer to your delivery date gets overwhelming for many moms-to-be. While all the third trimester symptoms are very real, they can affect you even more in that emotional state. One of the great ways to tackle back pain in third trimester along with other troubles is to meditate and de-stress. Find yourself a quiet place, make a comfortable sitting position and focus on your breathing. There are a lot of ways for you to rest peacefully and let go of the tension in your mind and body. Some nice music in pregnancy often is very helpful for you and your baby too. You can even try reading or watching shows that you like to relax.

Pregnant woman relaxing reduce effect third trimester symptoms

The reasons for back pain during pregnancy can be many and varied but with most of the above-mentioned pregnancy care tips, you can easily cope with it. You can also find your own pregnancy hacks that work for you and methods that suit your needs as well.

Your pregnancy is an intense experience with its own highs and lows, so make yourself equipped to deal with everything that comes your way during this period. Your journey of motherhood may be very organic and individual, but make sure that you have all the support next to you when it is needed.

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