8 Summer Care Tips For Kids

Sunny summer days are here and the heat is rising daily. While commonly considered a carefree time, summer can sometimes be a little too harsh on your little one. Newborns, infants and toddlers usually suffer the same problems in this season. Your kids are sweaty, itchy and uncomfortable in the scorching heat along with facing sundry other issues as well.

Here are 8 great summer care tips for kids:

1. Homemade Hydrating Drinks

What your child consumes is important at any given time, but in summer, even more so. It is the time when spreading of germs and kids falling sick is easier. Keep your little one hydrated by giving him/her natural and home-made hydrating drinks like coconut water, fruit juices, kairi panna, lemonade etc. these options are healthier and do not contain any preservatives or products that could harm young children.

Fruit juices are not only tasty, but a healthy option to beat the heat.

2. Avoid Peak Sun Time

It is common for you to avoid the peak sun hours of the day, so why not do the same for your kids. While your body is able to tackle some of the burning heat, kids are not that resilient. Especially for young kids, the peak time could be considered from 11 am to 4 pm. Avoid taking your kids in the direct sun in this time of the day and avoid getting possible heat strokes.

3. Better Grooming Practices

Your child’s grooming routine also plays an important part in making them comfortable during this season. Avoid giving hot water baths to your kid and use the elbow test to ensure that the water is lukewarm or tepid in temperature. Many of you may use mild baby powder for summer, but try limiting its use because it blocks the pores in their skin.

Bathtimes are a fun way to cool down during the summer.

4. Protection From Bugs and Mosquitoes

Another important thing to keep in mind for your baby care is to protect your kid from mosquito and bug bites that are very common in summer. These bites usually lead to allergic reactions and general displeasure in children. Use mosquito nets, repellants and keep your surroundings clean and hygienic to avoid such instances.

5. Dealing With Rashes

Rashes happen a lot in this hot season that is alternatingly sticky and dry. Kids usually are the victims of both heat rashes and diaper rashes. Use mild skin products for your baby and dress them only in washed clothes to avoid heat rashes. For diaper rash, reduce their use if possible. Also apply coconut oil, petroleum jelly or diaper rash creams on the skin always in contact with the diaper.

mild skin products for your baby and dress them only in washed clothes

6. Special Summer Foods

Feed your children the foods with high water content and the ones known to cool down the body. Some excellent examples of this are tender coconut water, fruit, yoghurt, vegetable salads, cucumber, berries, cool milk etc. Along with all the above mentioned food items, always keeping water at hand is the most important to keep your baby hydrated and cool.

7. Weather Appropriate Clothes

It is important to dress your little one in clothes appropriate for summer to make them as comfortable as possible. Light coloured, slightly loose cotton clothes are the best for summer. When you take your kids out in the sun, keep the maximum amount of skin covered to avoid sunburns and heat rashes as well.

Children’s clothing during summer should be light and breathable.

8. Body & Environment Temperature

Your baby’s body is far more sensitive to temperature changes than your own. So, the time spent in the air conditioner in summer also needs to be monitored. Try to keep your child in a naturally cool and well ventilated room rather than too much AC. When in AC rooms with your kids, set the temperature 24-26 degrees so that it’s not too cold. Acclimatise your young one to the outside temperature by switching off the AC sometime before leaving the room. Constantly alternating between vastly different temperature can easily make your kid sick.

While keeping your child indoors always is not an option, there are ways to keep him or her protected from the more severe effects of the heat. Summer care tips for kids is not that difficult when you know what to do. In fact, summer can be pretty amazing once you and your little one are all set for it!

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