6 Pregnancy Exercises For The Second Trimester

Have you started feeling extremely lazy or moving from one place to another seems to be an arduous task for you? If that’s the case, you need to follow some healthy pregnancy exercise.

During the second trimester of pregnancy, your start seeing beautiful changes in your body. The second trimester of pregnancy is the most enjoyable and important one, where you flaunt your bump, and baby development takes on a new meaning. You’ll also start to feel your baby moving as the bump keeps on growing steadily.

Believe it or not, the healthy habits adopted during pregnancy can help you remain active life-long. As you enter the second phase of pregnancy, the basic needs of the baby increase and so does your body’s requirement for more nutrients. For maintaining better health during this time, don’t stop yourself from doing physical activity during pregnancy. You just need to maintain your calm and understand your body transformation for healthy pregnancy exercises.

Here are 6 best second Trimester pregnancy exercise that is considered safe:

1. Walking 

If you have not exercised before, a walk around the neighbourhood is a great idea to start the exercise routine. Walking won’t strain your muscles, knees and ankles. “Keep moving” should be the motto for every pregnant woman. Walking is one of the best pregnancy exercises during the second trimester of pregnancy, as you can do it anywhere, anytime. Just by simple walking, post-delivery, you can return faster to pre-pregnancy shape.

Start from walking and then working up to other exercises during pregnancy is easy.
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2. Slow jogging 

You can continue your exercise regime with slow jogging even in the second trimester of pregnancy. As your uterus starts growing, it will likely cause some aches and pains. Slow jogging will help you refraining from increased pains to some extent. Don’t push your body forcefully and make sure to choose a flat and safe surface, before starting your jogging routine.  With a little more care and precautions, you can opt for this pregnancy exercise during the second trimester.

3. Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is considered as one of the best Second Trimester pregnancy exercise. It stimulates blood circulation in the body, making you more relaxed. Yoga tops the list when we have a discussion around healthy pregnancy tips. It also helps you stay calm. You just need to avoid any poses that may require too much stress on your muscles.

Yoga is believed to be a very good exercise, especially for pregnant women.

4. Swimming

You can continue swimming in too, if you are in a regular practice of doing so. You just need to be a bit careful when you are swimming with a baby bump. Simple strokes will ensure that your stamina is not lost and your breathing is regular. Light aerobic exercise in water, without stretching too much gives you more motivation and energy too. You just need to stay away from hot water pools and maintain balance while entering the pool. A little precaution keeps you and your baby safe 

You can start very simple weight training which might also make your arm strength stronger to later carry your baby.

5. Weight training

Lifting light weights helps you prepare for pregnancy even more. There are several benefits of physical activity, whether you are pregnant or not. You just need to be extra cautious during pregnancy. Lifting light weights helps in reducing the risk of injury during pregnancy by strengthening the muscles surrounding your joints. Keep in mind, lifting weights that are too heavy can strain your muscles, and must be avoided.

6. Exercise While Lying Down

This is the best type of second Trimester pregnancy exercise, you can even consider this an easy pregnancy hack for work-outs. As the name suggests, exercising while lying down comfortably on a mat or on the floor is easy, even when you are in the second trimester. You just need to ensure your pelvis does not move while exercising. 

Benefits of Prenatal or Pregnancy Exercises

There are lots of benefits of physical activity, regularly working out can prevent diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. Healthy pregnancy exercise helps you manage your weight better after delivery. Pregnancy exercises during the second trimester even have physiological advantages, as your body circulates more oxygen and nutrients for your baby. It’s more convenient to work out during the second trimester in comparison with the first and third trimesters. Another benefit of exercising while being pregnant is that it develops stamina in the body and helps you during a normal delivery.

When to stop your workout

No signs of distress while exercising should be ignored during pregnancy.

You don’t need to put too much stress on your body. If you notice any such symptoms like

  • Dizziness, headache and nausea
  • Uncomfortable breathing along with pain in your chest
  • Pain in your abdomen,
  • Abnormal swelling or pain in your ankles and calves, and so on. 

You need to immediately stop exercising and consult your doctor. 

The above mentioned second Trimester pregnancy exercise can be performed easily and safely after consulting your doctor. If you are under certain medication or have been diagnosed with any medical condition, we suggest you to refrain from exercising.

You know your body well, and know when to stop. Pay attention to the warning signs and stop the moment you feel any discomfort. 


Pregnancy exercises during the second trimester is good for your health. Pregnancy workouts gives more stamina. However, every woman’s body reacts differently to pregnancy. It is highly recommended to consult your doctor before starting any pregnancy exercise. After that, you can check out some of the best suited exercises.

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