5 Parenting Tips Kareena Kapoor Khan swears by

In addition to her superb acting skills, superstar charisma & cheerful, bubbly personality, Kareena Kapoor Khan is also a mother of a 2-and-a-half-year-old baby son, famously known as Taimur Ali Khan! 

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Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you are more than familiar with the tiny celebrity tot, who in his 2 years, has amassed more fame than most of us can imagine, all thanks to his famous parents & his cute, chubby self! 

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But you might not be so familiar with what parenting tips his mother, Kareena Kapoor Khan, chooses to bring him up. If you too, like all of us, have been wondering what parenting & pregnancy tips & advice does she follow to aid in parenting Taimur, your wishes have been answered!

Below, we tell you 5 parenting tips Kareena Kapoor Khan admits help her a lot when it comes to parenting her little son!

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1. Breastfeeding is important, so is vaccination

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As an advocate of the UNICEF campaign, ‘Every Child Alive’, Kareena Kapoor Khan endorses breastfeeding & vaccination for all kids below the age of 1 year, to help combat the rising infant mortality rates in South Asia, especially in India.

She believes that sticking to a regular breastfeeding schedule for at-least 6 months not only ensures an adequate supply of essential nutrients & a well-developed immune system for your baby, but also is a symbol of love & care, and helps connect the mother with her infant baby.

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She also credits regular & ample breastfeeding with her postpartum weight loss, & advice new mothers looking for simple ways to lose the extra ‘baby kilos’ to follow a diligent breastfeeding schedule in addition to exercise & diet for breastfeeding weight-loss & good health of your baby.

However, to keep up the regular breastfeeding schedule, it’s essential for pregnant & new mothers to keep a watchful eye on what they eat, & make sure they’re consuming a holistic diet that helps increase both the quality & quantity of their breast milk.

In addition to breastfeeding, she also recommends regular & timely vaccination for your baby.

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As part of her UNICEF campaign, the actress revealed some heartbreaking statistics in a press release to mark the launch of the campaign. In her own words, “In our part of the world, 1 million babies die every year in their first month of life. 2,800 newborns die every day in South Asia, before they even reach the age of one month, and 1 in every 36  babies die every month in these regions. The latest UNICEF data shows that no region in the world is more dangerous than South Asia for newborns.” This, as she rightly put it, is “both overwhelming & totally unacceptable!”

2. A happy mother makes a happy child

Kareena’s next parenting tip comes in the form of a self-care manifesto for new mothers. She believes it’s absolutely essential for new mothers to take care of themselves & keep themselves stress-free & happy, no matter how hard it may seem at first.

The starlet agrees that there may be moments when you might feel too overwhelmed by the new responsibilities of caring for your newborn, keeping up with feeding schedules & nappie duties, but it’s important that you take time out to care for yourselves too.

Here’s a video where she explained beautifully how a happy mom makes a happy child.

You should try to take out the time to nap a little between your chores, & should do your best to try & get a full 8-hour sleep, even if the only way you can manage this is through the help of relatives & your husband. You need to look after yourself, period, if you want to mother your baby with as much vigour, love & vitality as you’d like to. A tired, haggard & irritable mother is no good for your baby!

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3. Say no to superstitions

The next parenting tip Kareena Kapoor Khan gives new mothers, is to steer clear of any & all superstitions regarding the health of your baby. As UNICEF ambassador for child health & nutrition, Kareena Kapoor Khan makes it a point to advise new mothers to beware of superstitions & always consult a practicing doctor for any health ailments of your newborn. 

Education & awareness among first-time mothers is also very important, in order to curb the foul elements of superstitions taking over logical thinking in new parents when it comes to the health of the infant. 

Regular medical check-ups by a practicing doctor, timely vaccination sessions, a nutritious diet & ample love and care will ensure your child stays healthy & happy, she adds to her list of parenting & pregnancy tips. 

4. The baby is the father’s responsibility too

Staying true to her feminist roots, Kareena Kapoor Khan makes it clear to new parents that the baby’s needs are not just the business of the mother, & the father also has his responsibilities to serve in the care of the infant. 

As she puts it, “It is a common proverb that there are many things which only a mother can do, but I believe that a father can also take care of a lot of such things.”

Especially in the initial days, when the baby’s too young, the mother may get extremely tired of all the chores, & might be unable to tend to her baby & other household responsibilities. At this time, it’s the father’s responsibility to let the new mother rest fully & take care of the baby as well as help her with regular household tasks. 

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5. Enjoy the new experience

The last parenting tip from Kareena Kapoor Khan, is to take in the experience one at a time, & enjoy your new role as parents to a newborn! The actress advises new parents that it’ll definitely take a toll on their personal lives, physical & mental well-being, but they should try their best to keep their sanity, physical & mental health in good shape, & really enjoy their new bundle of joy with all the added responsibilities, diapers, nappies, powder & puff routine! 

As she says in her own words, “There were many nights when I couldn’t sleep at night. Many times I used to get irritated when Taimur used to cry untimely, but it was an experience and everything related to Taimur is beautiful for me.” 

Ultimately, she says, it’s your patience, perseverance & confidence in your abilities as a parent, that’ll help you raise your child & prepare for a whole new world of parenting!

In the end, no two sets of parenting & pregnancy experiences are the same, & you should keep in mind that, while being a new mother might be difficult & comes with its own set of challenges & tribulations, it’s also an extremely beautiful experience that has the potential to define your life in an entirely new way, & introduces you to a whole new world where unconditional love, care, perseverance & patience rule, and help you enjoy your journey as a pregnant woman or a new mother by bringing you regular pregnancy tips & parenting advice four your newborn!

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