14 Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Although there are many common pregnancy symptoms like tiredness and sore breasts that are experienced by almost everyone, there are some that are more unique and less common. These are some of the first early symptoms of pregnancy that are often missed or brushed aside as flukes too. Whether you are looking for pregnancy symptoms or you have already missed noticing some of these, knowing what are the symptoms of being pregnant might be a lot of help to you. It is better to know that you are not suffering from any severe sickness during early pregnancy, rather it is a perfectly normal symptom of pregnancy.

1. Period-like symptoms without periods

Besides the missed period, you can still feel some of the period-like symptoms in early pregnancy. These may include stomach aches, cramps in legs, pain in the lower back etc. The lack of bleeding is an obvious sign but these additional signs also add to the first early symptoms of pregnancy.

2. Heartburn sensations

While you might have heard that heartburn happens to a lot of women in the second trimester and later on in pregnancy, few women know about it as an early sign of pregnancy. The scientific reason behind this lies with the increased progesterone hormone in pregnancy that relaxes your oesophagal sphincter. This allows any acidity from your stomach to reach your food pipe, leading to heartburn sensations and even gas.

3. Headache and moodiness

Some mothers experience frequent headaches early on in pregnancy too. Add mood swings or hormonal moodiness to this mix, and you get pretty prominent symptoms of pregnancy. Don’t worry Mama, these are not really as hard to bear as they sound.

Heartburn caused by acidity can also cause vomiting and headache.

4. Increased thirst

One of the most easily overlooked changes during early pregnancy, your increased thirst for water has multiple reasons. The predominant one being that your body needs an increased volume of blood and later develop amniotic fluids as well, thus needing more water.

Keeping hydrated during pregnancy not only curbs increased thirst, it also keeps you from overheating.

5. Bloating of body parts

A lot of women experience bloating in the initial weeks of pregnancy. It can be seen on the face, on joints and most prominently on the belly. Bloating can be due to many reasons, including increased water retention of the body.

6. Vivid dreams

This early symptom is a bit vague but sometimes it can also be strong due to ‘motherly intuitions’. If you experience very life-like and detailed dreams without having a history of doing so, it can also be considered a rare but early sign. Women sometimes dream of babies or things that symbolise babies, actually getting motivated to take a pregnancy test.

Early pregnancy can be riddled with vivid dreams unlike the later months when sleep is difficult.

7. Peeing a lot

With the increase in hCG levels, pregnant women are bound to urinate frequently. Often enough, it is known to smell rather strongly too. The more you drink water, the more you will pee too. So, keep an eye out for this symptom as well and get used to this change during early pregnancy.

8. Aching Teeth

Gingivitis and aching teeth are a thing that happens in most pregnancies, yet many women are unaware of this symptom. These can also extend to a sour taste in the mouth that can also trigger nausea in women. The hormone and nutrient-related pregnancy changes also affect the state of your gums and teeth.

Pregnancy can sometimes take you to the extremes of your food habits.

9. Increased Vaginal Discharge

There is a normal amount of white discharge that women have in daily lives. But during pregnancy, this amount is more than usual as your body tries to clean the vagina and keep it free of bacteria. Incidentally, this is not the only kind of vaginal change that you will experience during pregnancy.

10. Faster pulse or increased heart rate

Another symptom that flies under the radar is the increased pulse of pregnant women. Since your body starts to increase the blood flow during this time, the resting heart rate also increases from what has been your standard previously.

11. Fluctuating eating habits

Some women experience a sudden loss of appetite and aversion to certain food smells. On the other hand, some women feel hungry all the time. These extremes can also happen to you on different days as well. The loss of appetite is often accompanied by morning sickness slightly later in the pregnancy.

Pregnancy can sometimes take you to the extremes of your food habits.

12. Mild Spotting

Spotting refers to bouts of vaginal bleeding outside of your periods. Even when you miss your periods in pregnancy, you can experience mild spotting as the implantation of the embryo occurs in your womb. 

13. Hair Loss

Many young women often experience thinning of hair or increased hair loss all through pregnancy. But this is not just a symptom for later trimesters, it can occur as an early pregnancy symptom too. While there is no specific reason for this, many believe it happens because the nutrients responsible for hair growth in your body are directed towards fetal development instead.

14. Flu-like symptoms

Confusing your pregnancy with the flu or even a stomach bug is a fairly normal trend, as it sometimes feels like a sickness during early pregnancy. The symptoms for both are often very similar- body and stomach aches, nausea, headache, dizziness etc. These symptoms usually ease up soon and give way to other changes in the second trimester.

Flu like symptoms of pregnancy can also include cold and cough.

Many women look forward to some indicators that signify that they are pregnant. Although you may be looking forward to the “pregnancy glow”, what symptoms you might actually get could be body aches and mood swings. Each pregnancy is different and what you experience might not be the most common symptom, but it is not a cause for concern unless your gynaecologist says so. Once you recognise what are the symptoms of being pregnant, you can be a bit more assured in your pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test to be sure and prepare yourself for this wonderful journey forward!

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