10 Travelling Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy often changes the most basic of our everyday tasks, whether they are big or small. So when it comes to travel during pregnancy, there are alterations in your routine travel habits as well. Be it babymoon destinations, vacations or visiting a relative’s place, is it safe to travel during pregnancy is a major concern for many of you. While it may seem very easy in the first trimester of pregnancy, the same cannot be said for the latter parts of these nine months. As you progress into the second or third trimester of pregnancy, your bump also grows proportionally.It will get increasingly difficult to move about extensively and therefore travel too much then.

Thinking about the morning sickness, flying, needing to pee again and again along with other hygiene and safety issues; to travel during pregnancy can give anyone a headache. Therefore, it is a good idea to do your research beforehand and plan your trip very carefully to avoid any problematic situations. You want maximum comfort, and enjoyment during your travel and that can be ensured with the help of the following travel tips for pregnant women:

1. Plan it for the right time

One of the first things to consider in pregnancy travel is the time when you are planning a trip. From the three trimesters of pregnancy, you have to consider all the discomforts you may face in a particular trimester and choose the right time to travel. The early symptoms of pregnancy, including persistent morning sickness, can be a bit jarring and will take time to adjust. Similarly, the third trimester of pregnancy is not ideal either due to the larger baby bump, making it harder for you to move around comfortably. Most women find the time around the second trimester to be the most comfortable for pregnancy travel.

2. Consider the location carefully

The next step is to do thorough research about the destination that you are planning to go to. Be aware of the weather, environmental scenarios, facilities available and medical institutions that you could go to in case of emergencies in that place. There are often places that require you to get vaccinated and are known for disease endemics, try to avoid travelling there during pregnancy.

Travelling during pregnancy involves safe, yet beautiful locations

3. Keep a supply of healthy snacks

It is important to make sure that you don’t go hungry or get dehydrated during your trip. In the chance of long distances being covered by cars, trains or even flights, carry your own healthy snacks and beverages with you. It is also helpful when you can’t find clean and hygienic food nearby, eating the right food is better than taking the risk of getting infections.

4. Travel with only necessary things

When your body is already working to nourish and nurture the little one inside you, travelling can get tiring very quickly. In this case, the best thing to do is pack light and not take unnecessary items in your luggage that only get harder to carry around. Even with the assistance of your partner or staff, make sure that you don’t have too many bags and your carry-on/ handbag is not too heavy. It will also be harder to keep track of everything and repack if you have too much stuff. Prioritise the essentials and then eliminate the things that you don’t have to keep in the packing process, ridding yourself of the potential stress.

5. Walk often 

Although this may seem contradictory to the earlier statement of getting tired easily, it is important for you to move about even if it’s just in your room or hotel. Sitting or laying down for long periods may cause blood clots in your feet. If you are sitting in the car for a long journey, make sure to take breaks to stretch your limbs and walk around a little from time to time. This will help you in staying active, along with getting your blood circulation going.

Travel tips for pregnant women include walking

6. Carry an updated medical portfolio

Having an updated travel medical portfolio at hand will help any emergency responders to know your condition and what precautions must be taken if they are to treat you. While it is good to hope for the best, you must also be prepared for any adverse situations that might occur.

7. Choose activities sensibly

While it does not need much emphasis, we sometimes forget common sense in overenthusiasm and excitement. Any sports, adventure activities and other activities that put your health at risk are a big no! This may also include ice skating, amusement park rides, scuba diving or even going to hot saunas. These activities may cause accidents, sudden jerks to your body, get air bubbles in your bloodstream and overheating of your body, respectively. Prevention is better than cure is the rule to follow here.

8. Have a handy medical kit

Although this applies to regular travel as well, carrying a medical kit is an even more essential point in travel tips for pregnant women. Anti-nausea medication, gauge, antiseptic ointments, dietary supplements and many of the other medicines that your gynaecologist suggests to take with you should be present in your kit. Make sure to check the availability of necessary medications at the destination that you are going to as well.

9. Don’t overlook the travel insurance

While general travel insurance does not cover the pregnancy and childbirth itself, you will get the travel medical coverage. This means that any complication or troubles that happen during your travel and force you to get treatment in the foreign place, your insurance will cover the medical costs. For example, if you get dehydrated and get complications due to that, the insurance will cover your treatment bills at your location.

10. Take proper rest

Lastly, the best travel trips for pregnant women is to take breaks and get adequate rest throughout the journey. Your tour will only be good if you can enjoy each moment of it as best as you can. Make sure to slip in naps during the day and sleep through the whole night so that you are more energetic during the days of travelling and exploring. Even when moving around, take a breather, eat some snacks, rest your back or legs and then get back into the traveller mode!

woman getting proper rest during her pregnancy travel

The idea of taking too much stress while planning the trip may not appeal to you, but you have to be involved in the process, even just to point out your needs and comforts. Pregnancy might make travel just a bit difficult, but it is in no way stopping you from exploring the world and going to places outside of your own home. So get your bags ready and set to go to the beautiful, wondrous places and experiences that this world has to offer in this lovely, extraordinary time of your life!

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