10 Things To Expect In The First Trimester

You’ve just got the good news, that you’re expecting! As you get ready for this exciting new stage of life, you’ll also be hounded by a lot of questions regarding this phase & changes during pregnancy that your body will experience now.

Your body will, understandably, undergo a lot of major changes, you will develop food cravings you’re not accustomed to, begin to get moody spells frequently & go through an especially annoying bout of morning sickness!

As you prepare for experiencing life as a pregnant woman & scour the internet for First Trimester Symptoms, we bring you a holistic guide for early stages of pregnancy & first trimester care.

Read on to know the 10 things you can look forward to in the first trimester of your pregnancy!

1.  You won’t gain as much weight!

If you were looking forward to welcome a sudden baby bump one morning, you can stop looking in the mirror, as the first trimester isn’t a time for baby bumps to come & pop out!

The primary reasons behind you not gaining any additional weight during the early stages of pregnancy, is that firstly, your baby is too tiny at this point to contribute to any additional weight, & also partly due to the morning sickness you’ve been facing lately, that leads to a loss of calories causing a strain on your normal body weight.

In addition, the pregnancy hormones raging through your body might make you hate the sight of certain foods, & you might develop a bad taste for many food items that you previously loved. Besides this, your usual hunger cycle might also be affected, & all of these first trimester symptoms combined together lead to prominent weight loss.

Hence, you really don’t gain much weight in the First trimester of your pregnancy.

You won’t gain as much weight

2. It may seem short!

Time flies when you’re pregnant, but when it comes to the first trimester of your pregnancy, you might find that it’s entirely too short to be a trimester at all, even though the doctors peg it at 13 weeks! Well, there’s a good reason for that. The pregnancy calendar counts your first week of pregnancy from the last day of your period, but you don’t get to know you’re pregnant for sure until week 5, when your hcG hormone rises to a required threshold to finally confirm your pregnancy.

Even assuming that you took the test as soon as you missed your period, you’ll have a maximum of 9 weeks to get through the first trimester.

This mismatch in dates is the primary reason why first trimester might seem very short to you, in comparison with the other two trimesters.

But even though the first trimester is relatively shorter, your baby’s development by weeks is still going on at its own time, so you’ll have to take all the steps to ensure adequate first trimester care, & prepare yourself to experience all the upcoming changes during pregnancy.

3. You might get your due date wrong!

In addition to your first trimester being a bit on the shorter side, you might get your due date wrong. And no, even doctors can’t help messing up the calculation at this stage, usually! There are several reasons for this; not knowing the exact date of conception might very well be one, besides all the miscalculations arising from mixing up of the dates, a common occurrence during the early stages of pregnancy.

Even if you’re absolutely sure of your conception date, & do your mathematics correctly, there is still a possibility that your due date still might not be correct.

It’s important to remember to not give too much thought to any due date calculations, & to understand that no matter what the doctors & the calendar says, your baby will arrive at his/her own time!

You might get your due date wrong!

4. Certain food items are off-limits for you

While you already know that alcohol & tobacco are a strict no-no during pregnancy, you might not know that there are some more food items that could pose a danger to you & your offspring during your pregnancy.

While you might want to consume a lot of calcium to help with your baby’s development by weeks, it’s important to remember to not eat food items made from unpasteurized dairy products as they contain Listeria, a bacteria harmful for pregnancy.

You should also put in your first trimester care checklist, to take care not to eat soft cheeses like feta & brie, unpasteurized juices, raw & unprocessed deli meat, & raw sprouts. It’s best to pass up any food items containing the word ‘raw’ in it, as they’re not good for the early stages of your pregnancy.

5. Your baby is developing, but is still tiny!

One of the primary reasons you won’t put on as much weight in the first trimester, is that your baby is still very tiny. Your baby development by weeks is progressing at its own time, but at the time of you confirming your pregnancy, around week 5, your baby will be about as small as an orange seed.

Infact, at the end of the first trimester, your baby, while having begun to develop its brain & tiny bones, will still be the size of a peach!

However, one of the many first trimester symptoms that you’re likely to experience at this time, will be having your breasts grow at a faster rate than your belly!

Your baby is developing, but is still tiny

6. You’ll begin to notice a lot of smells!

Possibly one of the most annoying symptoms of pregnancy, you might acquire a ‘super sense of smell’, that’d make you smell everything, from the smallest to the biggest, day in & day out! You’ll begin to notice certain odours from people, animals, objects, & even foods, that might really throw you off at certain times.

As you wade through your pregnancy, you might not even eat certain foodstuffs because of the way they smell to you, or might not want to stand/sit close to someone who smells during this time.

7. Your body might change!

Although, as stated above, you might not gain considerable weight during the first trimester, your body still changes during pregnancy in few, peculiar ways. You might start to notice prominent blue veins pop out all over and other changes in your skin, & might start to feel a ‘funny’ taste in your mouth all the time!

Add to that the constant cravings for pickles, chocolate, & sour foods that you will likely experience, & you can see why this time can be so confusing & scary, as well as exciting!

Your body might change

8. You may not appear to be pregnant

During the first trimester, you might not really ‘look’ pregnant, & this will hold true even if you manage to add a number of kilos to your current weight. Your innerwear might feel a little tight perhaps, but that can easily be taken care of with loose topwear, belly bands and other maternity fashion trends. As for the baby bump, although it appears at different times on each woman, you can expect it to show sometime in the second trimester.

9. It will sometimes be difficult, too

Hello, morning sickness! It will be a difficult 2-3 months as you wake up every morning feeling nauseous, but rest assured that it will cease by the end of the first trimester. Along with morning sickness, you might also experience fatigue, tender breasts & a constant need to pee, which will only grow as your baby’s development by weeks takes place & he/she begins to exert considerable pressure on your bladder!

10. It will be unpredictable!

While some of your first trimester symptoms will be similar to those experienced by other moms-to-be, you might also discover a few things that are unique to your pregnancy. For instance, you might not ever experience heartburn during your pregnancy, but may experience leg cramps, swollen feet, stomach pains etc. To sum it all up, your pregnancy experiences might very well be different from those of other expecting mothers, and there is no one rulebook of things you can be sure to expect, except a baby bump, of course!

While your first trimester symptoms during the early stages of pregnancy might take a toll on your health & general well-being, it’s important for you to remember that this too, shall pass, & learn to embrace the way your body changes during pregnancy!

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