10 Hacks To An Easy Pregnancy

Sure there is an abundance of pregnancy tips & hacks on the internet, but sometimes too much falls too short. If you are looking for ways to make these nine months fly by without resorting to whacky ideas or spending too much on expensive products with a limited life, finally, you have come to the right place. Find out the top 10 easy and reliable life hacks that will help you during pregnancy.

1. Soothe itchy skin with cooking oils

When you run out of belly oils, creams or soothing ointments, cooking oils come in handy. These oils have nourishing qualities, filled with proteins and antioxidants. Coconut oil and olive oil are widely used in skin care. Some other oils like that of Mustard and Grape-seed are also a great relief to the itchy and irritated skin.

Coconut has many great properties including nourishment of the skin

2. Make an everyday emergency bag:

You need a lot of things daily, ranging from food to cosmetics, on the go. So prepare an emergency bag that you can carry everywhere and has all the essentials that you might need. You can put snacks, tissues, basic baby/pregnancy friendly medicines, cosmetics and other things inside the bag. This way, anything you need can be found in one place.

3. Change night routine to cure insomnia

Pregnant women suffer from different types of insomnia, different placement of pillows helps

It is often difficult to fall asleep with the increased size of the abdomen, too much stress or body ache during pregnancy. Try changing your night routine to get over this problem. A gentle massage before going to bed and changes in sleeping position is helpful. You can also try using multiple pillows and arrange them in a way that makes sleeping more comfortable. Try catching up on sleep during the day too, while your night routines are still adjusting.

4. Comfy lowers are the best

Invest in some upsized joggers, palazzos, patialas or pants in simple fabrics that can be adjusted to your waist size. These clothes are comfortable and can be used through most of your pregnancy transitions.

5. Hydrate well to stay healthy

This seems simple enough, but keeping yourself hydrated the whole day helps you being healthy. It’s not just cooling and relaxing, but also keeps your skin great.
To stay hydrated, make sure to drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices. Eating foods with a lot of water content, like watermelon and cucumber is another way to do so.

Drinking clean bottled water when you are outside is important

6. Yoga solves multiple pregnancy problems

Yoga is a great way to ease all your stress and anxiety. It serves as a huge relief when you have back pains and nausea during pregnancy. It’s also known to reduce labor time during delivery. You can try pregnancy exercises with a trainer, who specializes in prenatal fitness and yoga.

Yoga not only helps the body but also calms the mind

7. Track your pregnancy so that you don’t miss out on things

Keep a record of your pregnancy, growth landmarks and doctor’s appointments from day one. It lets you know the steady progress you and your baby have made so far.
Another benefit is that you don’t miss doctor’s appointments, work meetings, and personal engagements.

8. Use extensions to adjust your clothes

A lot of clothes stop fitting during pregnancy, but you can still use them with some extensions. Denim for example can be made to fit by clever looping of rubber bands through buttonholes and zippers as illustrated in the image.
Pregnancy does not just swell your stomach, it makes your breasts bigger too. Rather than buying maternity bras, buy bra extensions. You can also buy some stretchy sports bras that are more comfortable than the normal ones.
Similarly, you can use homemade belly belts and other DIY clothing adjustments during pregnancy.

9. Ease your headache without medication

Keep your medication closeby in places like the bathroom or the bedroom

Headaches occur often during pregnancy due to various reasons. While keeping up the proper nutritional intake, use of cold and hot presses help a lot with headaches. When a headache is stress induced, cold compress is the best. Whereas warm compress is better for other times.
Massaging your headache away is also a good way to relieve pain. Neck and shoulder muscles are usually the areas of focus for massage to cure headaches. In some other cases, forehead and areas around the eyes are also massaged to relieve pain.

10. Soak your feet in salt water to reduce swelling

Your feet usually get swollen during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. Soak them in warm water with Epsom Salt (Sendha Namak) and it will lighten the bloating. Along with taking care of your feet, this is a good way to relax during pregnancy phase.

Along with Epsom salt, essential oils also have a great effect on swollen feet

Now that you know the hacks and easy ways to do things, pregnancy will be a lot easier. Get rid of the worries and have a happy pregnancy!

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