10 Best Babymoon Destinations

Pregnancy is happy news, the onset of a change in your life as a woman, a wife and as part of a family. Sometimes, these changes cause the relationship with your partner to get sidelined and suffer through the struggles that are also part of this package. There is a lot happening around you and if you are looking for a restful yet romantic escape from it all for your babymoon, we have the answers for you. 

Many of those around you will advise you against travelling in this time, but that is nothing but pregnancy myths talking. All you need to do is get a green light from your gynaecologist and do your research about the best babymoon destinations, then you’re all set. But don’t worry, we got you covered with this listing of the best places for babymoon around the globe.

1. Venice, Italy

Many people have the city of Venice in their bucket list and it is worth all the hype. The sheer romance and calm beauty of the city are enough to put this at the top of the list of best babymoon locations. It is particularly lovely to travel here in spring-time and enjoy the Italian lifestyle of the city. It is a city where you can indulge in luxuries and do things at a leisurely pace; a true break from all the pregnancy symptoms and restlessness. You can be close to your partner here as you traverse through land and water in the streets here.

2. Ibiza, Spain 

The island of Ibiza is very famous for its gleaming beaches, clear waters, lovely white buildings and stunning scenery. Despite having so much to offer the visitors, this destination is very peaceful. Amidst the history, culture and colors of nature, Ibiza the place that will help you reconnect with your partner on a deeper level. Any pregnancy-related stress or discomfort can be eased down here , one of the best places for babymoon.

Ibiza is one of the best babymoon destinations

3. Marrakesh, Morocco

Rich in culture and exotic in its colorful lifestyle, Morocco is a good choice as one of the best places for babymoon. It is a very fascinating place that consumes your interest and invites you to explore and learn more. It allows you to submerge in their culture and forget about your worries. In fact, with the famous spa-treatments, delicious food and warm hospitality, it is the perfect place. Plus, you can get insanely good pictures here. This place too is best suited for spring as the ideal time to visit.

4. Paris, France

France, especially Paris in the summer, is a magical place. The city of love is one of the best babymoon destinations. Romantic strolls through the parks, eating breakfast in pretty cafes, evenings by the Eiffel Tower and days spent around the art that resides here; what better place to be in Pregnancy! This is the kind of place that makes joy bloom in you and rekindles the romance in your relationship. Paris is the perfect place to be for the life-changing journey that pregnancy is.

Skyline of Paris showing it as a great place

5. New York City, USA

The most obvious yet underestimated choice in the category of affordable babymoon destinations is New York City. There is a lot to do and a lot to see in New York, you can make your itinerary according to your preference and experience them with your partner. Since it is already such a major hub of people from all around the world, you will find that this city is far more equipped to make the travel experience for pregnant women more enjoyable. All types of cuisines, travel mediums, hotels, shopping areas and so many options to choose from for everything; New York is great!

6. Maui, Hawaii

When people talk of vacations, there are only rare times when Hawaii is not mentioned. You can get spa treatments, relax on the beach, explore the culture, sleep in your room, there is no pressure to do anything in Hawaii. It is a truly liberating and rejuvenating holiday that you might be looking for. Maui in Hawaii gives you all this and more, with its warm hospitality and lovely people. This is also one of the relatively affordable babymoon destinations where you can easily pamper yourself.

Hawaii beaches like this are popular place for babymoons

7. Istanbul, Turkey

Another one of the best babymoon locations, Istanbul has attracted tourists for a long time. It is a place full of life, it’s chaotic and it’s undeniably very beautiful. Handicrafts, perfumes, spices, Turkish baths, traditional music and what not! If your goal is to be distracted and in awe of a wonderful place rather than just relaxing, this is the right place for your babymoon. Think of it as an adventure trip as a couple before another member joins your family.

8. Queenstown, New Zealand

If you love nature and the greens, New Zealand is a haven that you are looking for. With ample beauty everywhere in this country, you connect not only with each other but with the earth beneath your feet. It is a place for peaceful and transcendental experiences. Cruise through the mountains, take walks through the greens, watch the sunsets and sunrises, and embrace the joy that life brings in and around you.

Greenery like this makes NewZealand a great place for babymoon

9. Porto, Portugal

Not many people think of Portugal as a place for tourist visits in everyday life, much less as one of the best babymoon destinations. This is the place for those of you who want to go somewhere different outside of the mainstream options without compromising on the quality of your holiday. Not a lot of people know about the culture and cities there, so Porto is a great city to start. You can learn about a unique culture, relax, see pretty sights and catch-up on a lot of your rest. Considering all the foods you can eat in pregnancy, Portugal will not disappoint you with the cuisine offered there.

10. Kerala, India 

Often called ‘God’s own country’, Kerala is the place to witness both beauty and serenity. There are beaches, backwaters, villages, ancient temples and truly the most welcoming people here. While the seafood might be categorised under foods to not eat in pregnancy, you can rest assured that the other delicacies more than make up for it. From relaxing resort stays to watching traditional Kathakali dance performances, this seaside state has just everything that comprises of a relaxing babymoon.

Kerala is the best babymoon destination in India

When you look through all these affordable babymoon destinations, take into consideration the purpose of your need for this holiday. Many couples want one last fun trip before the baby arrives, others want to reconnect and step forward towards the approaching parenthood with an even stronger bond. You can make the most of this trip by being prepared for things like morning sickness, knowledge of some pregnancy hacks and all the things necessary for a baby momma travelling. Happy Babymoon!

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